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The Eventbrite Alternative with no ticket fees.

  • No per-ticket fees

  • No contracts

  • Great customer service

  • Over 3,000,000 tickets sold

Our customers

3 reasons why you need to switch from Eventbrite

No ticket fees

You shouldn’t be penalised with fees for your successful event

Running an event on Eventbrite is very expensive. And the better your event goes, the more it’s going to cost you. Try the cost comparison calculator above to see how much you can save.

With Ticket Tailor you only pay from as little as £19 / month to host up to five events. There are no contracts, you just pay when you need to use us.


Your ticketing provider shouldn’t steal the spotlight

When your customers want to buy tickets, all they care about is getting tickets to the event you are interested in. When you checkout on Eventbrite they add many unnecessary distractions: they ask you to create an account, they show competing events, they sign you up to their newsletter and use that data for marketing.

With Ticket Tailor you can customise and embed the entire booking process into your website or Facebook Page. Ticket buyers don’t need to leave your site or loose touch with your brand, and they won’t find their inbox full of spam relating to other events.

You shouldn’t have to wait for your money

You shouldn’t have to wait for your money

With Eventbrite’s payment processing you don’t get your money up-front and instead have to wait until 5 days after your event has passed.

With Ticket Tailor we send the money directly to you so you receive the funds straight away.

What they say…

“We sold our first ticket today and the buyer even messaged us to say how straight forward and easy the ticket system was at their end.”

Nicola Nimo, Event organiser

Nicola Nimo
“Ticket Tailor made it easy for me to have my first event! I was able to pay a monthly fee for my event and cancel right afterwards.”

Sharona Drake, Concert promoter

Sharona Drake
“Not only is it very affordable, it's very easy to use and adaptable to fit our needs as they change from season to season.”

Salina Porter, Tour company

Salina Porter