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We're the leading Eventbrite alternative

Whether you've had a bad experience, are avoiding high fees or are just a fan of the underdog – there are many reasons you might be looking for an alternative to Eventbrite.

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We sell over 5m tickets a year for events of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s your first event ever, or your biggest event yet, we provide a first class alternative to Eventbrite. As an independent business, we don't have to worry about our share price or investors, we can focus all our efforts on ensuring we provide a feature-rich and low cost solution for you, the event creator.

Lower fees than Eventbrite

Usually less than half the price of Eventbrite

  • Eventbrite charge a fixed fee and a high percentage per ticket.
  • We only charge a small fixed fee per ticket.
  • We're free for for free events and offer discounts to charities, B-corps and PTAs.
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Lower fees than Eventbrite

Get paid directly

  • Eventbrite offer payout plans and often transfer your revenue only after the event date has passed.
  • We transfer ticket revenue directly into your Stripe or PayPal account as soon as a ticket is purchased.
  • Your money never touches our bank account. Ever.
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Your brand, your data

  • We email ticket buyers once to confirm their ticket order, and never again. They are your customers, not a marketing opportunity for us.
  • We put your brand front and centre of the buying experience. It's your hard work - you should take the limelight.
  • Eventbrite benefits from your customer data by marketing similar events to them.
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Safely managed reserved seated event

We're one of the very few competitors to offer seating.

It's difficult to find a fairly priced ticketing platform that also offers seat reservation functionality. Our seating chart designer gives total flexibility of your venue design, and can also help manage your social distancing requirements. Whether you run a music venue, a stadium or host galas, we provide a simple solution to seated ticketing.

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Further benefits compared to Eventbrite

The independent alternative

We don't feel like another big corporate tech company, because we're not. We're a small team that has a big impact and who cares about our customers, staff and wider society. Since we're independent it means we don't need to focus on our share price, we can focus on you.

Exceptional customer service, whatever size your event

We aim to get back to all customer queries within ten minutes. We’ll usually respond to you even quicker than this, and always with a truly personal feel. This is because we value all events equally – no matter the size – and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. If it’s an important issue for you, you can bet it’s an important one for us.

The best reviews in the industry

There are lots of ticketing platforms out there, all claiming to be the best. Instead of taking their (or our) word for it, we always encourage event creators to compare reviews from actual users. We're proud that our customers consistently rate us top of our competitors on Trustpilot and Capterra. You can even see an impartial and direct comparison between Ticket Tailor and Eventbrite on GetApp.

We keep it simple, without compromising on all the important features

Ticket Tailor has been helping event creators sell tickets for their events since 2010. This has given us plenty of time to invest in offering our users an extensive list of features. And we're not slowing down – check out our blog updates to see the latest features releases.

Plenty of integrations to make your life easy

There are not many Eventbrite competitors that offer the same long list of integrations as Ticket Tailor. Whether it's Mailchimp, WordPress, Google Sheets, Zapier or Zoom you can be sure that our integrations will reduce the admin of running your event and give it a truly professional feel.

Want to develop your own tools? Use our open API

Every event has different requirements – our open API allows you to build and connect additional tools to your box office. This means there are limitless ways Ticket Tailor can be used to manage your event. Read the docs to get more information on our API.

No compromise on safety, security or scale

The safety and security of your customer data is our number one priority. All our systems and processes are compliant with local laws, and we even help you meet requirements with a free privacy policy generator. We work with events of all sizes and in a range of industries, but if you have a large event where you expect to have significantly high volume of ticket sales in one day, then please reach out to discuss volume management.

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We’re totally independent. This means that we only have to answer to our customers. That lets our people and company grow without compromising our values, or losing our soul.
Jonny White, Founder Ticket Tailor
Event Collectors Collective

The Event Creators Collective

As an independent business, we know the importance of staying connected to your peers and colleagues in the industry. This has never been more necessary than during the Coronavirus crisis. We set up The Event Creators Collective to provide a forum for the events community to support each other and share their experiences.

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