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We’ve got every feature you need – and more! And they all come as standard, whatever package you’re on, and whatever size your event.

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Create, customise and sell

Public or private event listings

You can choose whether you want your event to be searchable and open for anyone to find, or whether you want to keep it private just for those invited. You can even put a password on the events page so only those in the know can see the details.

Unlimited events

You can list as many events as you like at no extra cost.

Unlimited ticket types

Some events are more complicated than others so we allow you to list unlimited ticket types. You can also group them (e.g. child tickets, adult tickets) to make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for and easier for you to manage.

Free tickets are free

We don't charge a thing for free events.

Ticket grouping

Make the checkout experience simple for your attendees by adding different ticket categories (e.g. Saturday tickets, Sunday tickets, multi-day passes). This is particularly useful if you have a large number of ticket types or want to manage allocation by a group of tickets.

Recurring events and time slots

Events that occur on multiple dates or with time slots within a given day can easily be added to your box office. Your ticket buyers will have a simple checkout experience to find the right date and time. This feature allows you to add hundreds of individual events in minutes and then manage specific occurences if they need to be made unavailable or taken off sale.

Password protected tickets

Want to hide a certain ticket type for VIPs, journalists or a special group? We make that simple with password protected tickets. Share the password and only they will be able to access the protected ticket type.

Auto-show and hide ticket types

Decide when tickets come on and go off sale, based on the date, time or amount of sales. This takes away the worry that you might forget to change prices.

Schedule event on and off sale

Ensure you never forget to list an event on the correct day by using our handy scheduling tool. This is particularly useful if you have lots of events going on sale throughout the year.

Customisable checkout form

You can ask as many questions as you like from your ticket buyers, in a number of handy formats. So whether it's their shirt size, blood type or food preferences, use this feature to make sure you are as prepared as possible for when they arrive!

Customisable order confirmation and tickets

Every event is different and this feature ensures you are in total control of how you communicate with your attendees. Edit the text, images and design of the confirmation email.

Mobile tickets

Our tickets are simple to use on all mobile phones, and work with whichever operating system your attendees are using.


Is your event supporting a charity or good cause? The donations feature allows you to add a suggested donation on to every ticket purchase.

Set and keep booking and transaction fees

You have total control on what the booking and transactions fees are listed as. This means you can have the customer cover all your ticketing and payment processing fees (the amount is not limited so you can use this to generate additional revenue or cover internal costs).

Custom url

There are many ways of getting your box office in front of customers. If you are sharing a link it's useful to have something memorable and easy to understand, that's why we allow you to change the box office link to whatever you want.


Expecting your event to sellout, but anticipate cancellations or more tickets to be released at a later date? By enabling waitlist you allow customers to register their interest so that when more tickets become available they are ready and waiting to purchase. You can message them via our broadcast feature to let them know that more tickets are available.

Allocation management

Seamlessly manage the amount of tickets available by ticket group or type. You can instantly see how many have been sold and arrange the order the tickets appear.

Duplicate events

Running multiple events that are similar? This feature allows you to quickly create a duplicate event and get selling in seconds!

Checkout translations in 19 languages

From Swahili to Swedish, Indonesian to Italian, we make sure your customers understand the checkout form by automatically translating the ticket buying experience. Check with customer support to see if your language is supported. If not, then you can manually edit the fields anyway.

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Promote, grow, and report

Customisable templates

We know that having your event page and customer experience on brand and looking good is important, so we give you total control on the look and feel of your page. You can add your logo, photos and edit colours to get everything looking just right!

Social sharing tools

Once your event is live you can share it to Facebook and Twitter directly from your dashboard.

Seamlessly embed on your website

We're famous for how smoothly our box office widget integrates into your websites. You can customise the look and feel of the widget and then just drop the ready-made code directly into your site.

Include maps on event pages

Make sure everyone knows where to find your event. Once you've entered the location of your event we automatically find you your location on a map and you can decide whether or not you display this to your customers.

WordPress plugin to sell directly from WordPress site

We love WordPress! That's why we built a specific integration to make it easy for you to connect your box office with your WordPress site.

HTML ticket sales button generator

We automatically generate a selection of HTML buttons for you to drop on to your site and link to your box office.

Discount codes and voucher codes

Discount codes allow you to offer money off your standard ticket prices.

Create a discount code and whenever your customers enter that code at checkout they will receive the discount you specify on the ticket types it is assigned to. These can either be a percentage discount or a fixed amount.

Voucher codes are useful for facilitating gift cards, or vouchers sold through other services such as Groupon. Each code discounts a specified amount of money from an order and can only be 'spent' once.

Access codes

Hide your event behind a private password. This allows you to keep details of your event visible to a selected group of people.

Mobile optimised checkout flow

Every event is different and this feature ensures you are in total control of how you communicate with your attendees. Edit the text, images and design of the confirmation email.

Add event to calendar button

Ticket buyers can add events to their digital calendars directly from their order confirmation emails. By adding an ‘add to calendar’ placeholder to the order confirmation, ticket buyers will be sent a link, where they can add your event to their Google, Apple, Office, Outlook and Yahoo calendars.

Mobile tickets

More and more of your customers will be accessing your box office and buying tickets on their mobile phones. Our mobile checkout flow looks great for your customers and ensures they can buy tickets to your event when they are on the move!

Tracking and referral sales links

It's important to keep track of what channel your ticket sales are coming from. You can customise as many links as you like and we'll report on which have resulted in sales. This can also be used if you run an affiliate or referral programme.

Analytics dashboard

Instantly review the amount of ticket sales, orders, revenue and which channels are most effective.

Google analytics integrations

Google Analytics is a popular tool for tracking visitors and page views to a website. You can connect Google Analytics to your Ticket Tailor box office so you can track the visitors and what they do.

If you are already using Google Analytics on your own website then you should consider setting up cross-domain tracking. This will make sure that a user that comes from your website to your Ticket Tailor box office will be tracked as the same user.

SEO optimised event pages

We're constantly optimising box office and event pages so that your event will rank highly to potential customers searching for events.

MailChimp integration

Integrating Mailchimp with Ticket Tailor is a great way to contact all your attendees with extra information about your event. When a customer purchases a ticket we can send the ticket buyer’s name, email address, and the event choice to your Mailchimp list.

Show quantities remaining to ticket buyers

Want to create some urgency on your box office? Enable this feature to display a countdown of the amount of tickets left for a specific group or type.

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Total operational control

Ticket scanning app

All event organisers get free and unlimited access to Tazotix which is Ticket Tailor's dedicated scanning app for on-the-day management. The Check-in app makes it easy to manage entry at your event.

  • Check in attendees by scanning their tickets, searching for personal details, or selecting from a door list.
  • Keep track of event check-in progress with overview stats.
  • Easily filter your door list by ticket type and sort by first name or last name.
  • Works both online and offline in case you have bad or no internet connection at your event.
  • Automatic synchronisation allows you to check in tickets on multiple devices at once to speed up door entry.
  • Download multiple events to the app and switch between them easily. Create multiple user profiles to track check-ins by staff members and easily revoke their access after the event.
Credit and debit card ticket payments

Ticket buyers can pay for tickets in various ways, the most popular is with credit or debit payments. All sensitive payment details such as card numbers are never seen by Stripe or PayPal. They never touch our servers which reduces the risks of any payment details being compromised.

Direct, instant payments via Stripe or PayPal

It's simple to link your Stripe or PayPal accounts with Ticket Tailor. If you don't have one you can get setup in minutes. Once your accounts are linked you will instantly receive ticket sales revenue into your accounts. With Ticket Tailor you never have to wait until after the event to receive your ticket revenue into your payment account.

Take payments in over 100 currencies

Stripe and PayPal are truly global payment providers and ensure we can securely accept sales from across the globe. This includes localised payment methods such as iDeal and Bancontact.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Customers expect to be able to pay online in more ways than ever before. Apple Pay and Google Pay are particularly popular and are compatible with Ticket Tailor. This makes the mobile purchasing experience quick and seamless.

Offline payments

By enabling offline payments you allow a customer to confirm their order without paying immediately. You can then provide the customer with specific details for how you'd like them to pay (e.g. "Pay at the door"). When you download your door list or access the scanning app these orders will display as "Pending" to notify you that payment is still required. If they pay before the event it's simple to update and complete the order.

Configure sales tax

We give you the ability to edit the name and percentage of sales tax dependant on your jurisdiction's requirements.

Localise events (timezones, language, sales tax, currency)

Ticket Tailor has helped sell tickets for events in over 180 countries. The reason we can do this is because you can simply edit and customise time zones, language, sales tax and currencies.

Full order management suite

The Ticket Tailor dashboard makes it simple to delete, cancel and refund orders immediately.

Add people to guestlist

You can add additional guests to any event from the dashboard. Enter their details and they'll receive a ticket just like any other customer.

Create orders from dashboard

You can create orders for any event from the dashboard. Enter the customer details and they'll receive a ticket just like any other order.

Customisable doorlist

Not only can you easily download a door list for your event, but we give you total freedom on the fields and layout of the export

Full data exports

It's your data and your event so we make it easy for you to export everything you need, when you need it.

Bulk import attendees

If you've sold tickets elsewhere and want them all in one place then you can import them into your Ticket Tailor dashboard and manage them together.

Mass email attendees

As your event approaches you may need to email out important information to your ticket buyers. Our Broadcast tool allows you to do exactly that.

You can decide if it goes to all ticket buyers, those who've purchased a certain ticket type or those on the waitlist. For more customisable email options our Mailchimp integration may help.

Automated sale notifications

Love the buzz of selling a ticket for your event? We can send you a notification every time an order takes place. You can turn this off/on whenever you like.

API Access

Integrate your own apps directly with Ticket Tailor to pull sales and event data, issue tickets, and more. Email api@tickettailor.com for more information.

Team access and permissions

Have a team member who also needs access to the box office? Our team access tool allows you to invite new members and control the level of access they get. Access ranges from just being able to see a summary of sales and revenue figures through to total admin access.

Zapier integration

The Zapier app allows you to connect with over 400 other apps. Every time a new order goes through we will send a trigger to your Zapier account. Within Zapier you can configure these to trigger actions in your other apps.

Event organiser contact section

Add and edit contact information to your box office and tickets to ensure your customers can always get in contact with their important questions.

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Seating charts: Design, build and sell

Unlimited seating charts per box office

You can design as many variations of seating charts as you like in your box office. Whether you have various venues, or different layouts within one venue. Our seating chart designer is fully featured and gives huge flexibility.

Customisable labelling and categories

Label seat numbers using letters, numbers or Roman numerals. Categorise blocks of seats with custom names.

Add images and comments to seats

Want to show a seat's view? Need to let a ticket buyer know that the seat has reduced visibility of the stage? It's easy to add comments or images to a seat.

Accessible seats

It's simple to reserve certain sections for ticket buyers with accessibility issues.

More than just seats! Add tables, benches, standing space and more

Every venue and event is different. Our seating chart designer is adaptable enough to accommodate your exact type of seating. You can have round tables or rectangular, benches or chairs... it's up to you.

Socially distanced seating rules

In order to comply with government guidelines or to give your attendees confidence in attending an event safely, our tool makes it simple to accommodate social distancing. You can create rules that automatically make seats unavailable based on other bookings, limit maximum group sizes, limit overall capacity and keep aisle seats free.

Ensure efficient sale of seats and avoid orphan seats being left

Having a venue selling out, and then ticket buyers being left with just single seats is a bad experience for your customers and can mean you struggle to sell those last few seats.

By using our setting that avoids orphan seats you can ensure that your ticket sales are optimised and every single seat in your venue is purchased.

Fully customisable colours and background images

Ticket Tailor always wants to give you the flexibility to allow your brand to take the limelight. Our seating tool is no different.

You can use your brand colours using hexadecimal colour codes, or pick from a range of preselected palettes.

You can also upload a floor plan or diagram to build your seating chart on top of. This can really help ticket buyers visualise the seat they are reserving.

Add points of interest to give a full picture of your venue

Some people want as much information as possible to inform their seat selection. That's why it's great to add points of interest like toilets, help desks, fire exits and, importantly, stages. The tool has ready-made objects for you to drop in and build a more complete picture of your venue.

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First class security and support

You own all the customer data and choose what to collect

Unlike other ticketing companies that will actively market other events to your customers, we don't touch any customer data.

When you use Ticket Tailor for selling tickets and collecting data from your attendees you are the “data controller” of all your attendees’ data. We are a “data processor”, which means that we won't do anything with your attendees’ data other than what you need us to in order to provide our service. We won't be sending your attendees any marketing emails, sharing their data with anyone and if you want us to delete the data, just ask. It’s your data. 100%.

Dedicated, fast, in-app chat and email customer support

We're proud of our great customer support team. Our average response time to enquiries is less than 7 minutes, meaning any query you have will be solved in no time! You can contact us via email or via our in-app chat support. Our help section is also a great way of resolving most questions.

PCI DSS compliance

All sensitive payment details such as card numbers are never seen by Stripe or PayPal. They never touch our servers which reduces the risks of any payment details being compromised. Both Stripe and PayPal are accredited with level 1 PCI/DSS compliance which is the highest level of security compliance for the payments industry.

HTTPS SSL protection

All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers. Any payment transactions will be carried out by third parties over encrypted connections using SSL technology.

Secure payment processing

All sensitive payment details such as card numbers never touch our servers which reduces the risks of any payment details being compromised.

Online help centre

Access our help centre for over 100 FAQs and tutorials.

Full GDPR compliance

We have taken all necessary steps to comply with GDPR regulation.

Privacy policy generator (GDPR compliant)

Under GDPR, you must tell attendees why you are collecting their personal data and how you are using it. Usually this information is set out in a privacy policy that the individual can read when they give you their data. You may already have a privacy policy, in which case you can now easily upload it to your online box office so that your attendees can see it when registering for tickets.

If you don't have a privacy policy you can use our free privacy policy generator and get one in a couple of minutes. It’s designed specifically for event organisers to use and if you like it, don’t forget to give it a share!