Ticket Tailor and LinkedIn integration

Seamlessly build an online community around your event

The Ticket Tailor and LinkedIn integration instantly connects your ticket buyers to your LinkedIn event, allowing you to create an online community and network with ease.

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Creating an engaged and connected audience is the holy grail of any event creator. It increases loyalty, word-of-mouth and keeps your brand relevant all year round.

Whether you’re running a conference, expo, workshop or community event, this new integration will make it simple to foster connections and discussion - before, after and during the event.

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What is LinkedIn Community Builder?

  • Invites ticket buyers to join your LinkedIn event
  • Fully integrated into your checkout flow
  • Once connected, your attendees are part of an online community, centred on your event
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Lower fees than Eventbrite

How do I enable LinkedIn Community Builder?

  • It's simple, first create a Ticket Tailor event
  • Then create an event on LinkedIn with the same details
  • Finally, enable the LinkedIn integration on your Ticket Tailor dashboard, and paste your LinkedIn event link in the corresponding field of your Ticket Tailor event
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Can anyone try out this feature?

  • Sure! LinkedIn tends to be best for professional events, but the integration will work for any type of event
  • It's free to create an event on Ticket Tailor and LinkedIn, so you can enable the feature for no cost
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