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Jonny White

Ticket Tailor Founder and CEO

We've always believed that growing a business is about so much more than just profit. That's why we want to make sure every ticket sold on our platform has a positive impact on the world around us.

A proud B Corp

What’s a B Corp?

B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We’re the first independent ticketing platform to become certified and are thrilled to join a global community of over 6,000 B Corps who, like us, believe in doing business responsibly.


Our B Corp journey

It’s not a tick-box exercise, B Corp gives us accountability and direction to grow better, not just bigger. Every three years, we have to recertify to keep us on track.

Our impact is measured across five areas (Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers) giving us a B Impact Score.

We became certified in 2022 with a score of 86.3! And can’t wait for our next stage of growth, where we’re aiming to take that number beyond 90.


Our B Impact Score


50.9 Average score of ordinary businesses
80 Qualifying certification score

Dive into the details.

Every year, we publish an Impact Report (all part of being a B Corp). Grab a cuppa, coffee or an ice-cold pint, put your feet up, and have a read.



Wind turbine
Wind turbine

Giving back with every ticket

For every ticket you sell, we donate 1p to our climate charity partners.


Together we've donated



Meet the charities

Healthier oceans, here we come.

Your donations are helping to fund the Ocean Conservation Trust’s new Blue Meadows project, which focuses on a holistic approach to protect and restore the UK’s seagrass meadows for the health of our oceans and beyond.

Seagrass is a haven for biodiversity (a single hectare is home to 80,000 animals), helps protect our coastline from erosion, and is a carbon store for the future. In fact, this king of the ocean outperforms other plants, absorbing carbon up to 35 times more efficiently than tropical rainforests! Impressive.

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Putting a stop to rainforest destruction.

Rainforests play a vital role in the planet’s water and carbon cycles and in regulating climate. Yet today, rainforest destruction releases more CO2 than all the world’s cars, planes and ships put together.

The Rainforest Foundation UK (RFUK) promotes the establishment of community rights over rainforest lands, tackling the root of the problems related to deforestation and paving the way for local people to benefit fairly from the use and protection of forest resources.

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Restoring our brilliant bogs.

Peatlands offer a natural solution to climate change, as they’re an excellent carbon store. Lack of care means peatlands are currently leaking carbon that’s been locked away for thousands of years back into our warming atmosphere.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust works to protect and enhance the habitat at a group of nature reserves at Witherslack Mosses.

The restoration project, your donations help to fund, involves maintenance to keep the bogs wet, removal of species growing in the wrong places, planting sphagnum moss to speed up bog regeneration, and much more.

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We’re carbon neutral

In 2022 we worked with Supercritical to calculate our carbon emissions and map out a realistic route to Net Zero.

We’re proudly carbon neutral, and chose to offset our entire history of emissions (that’s 11 years!)


Total 2022 emissions


Tonnes CO2e

A breakdown of our total emissions for 2022

Category Scope Footprint
(t CO2e)
Software 3 15.2
Marketing & advertising 3 11.7
Consultants 3 8.3
Food & drink 3 7.2
Employee remote working 3 6.8
Employee commuting 3 5
Hardware 3 3.9
Office utilities 3 3.5
Business travel 3 1.6
Training 3 1.5
Insurance & finance 3 1.3

Other things we’ve done

Offsetting with biochar

We only invest in quality carbon offset options.


Recycling hardware

Our second largest emissions (after employee remote working) are from software. Recycling hardware where possible is just one way we’re bringing that number down.


Moving to green offices

Our sustainable Hackney-based offices have a BREEAM Excellent Sustainability Award.


A tree-mendous triumph.

3,133 trees have been planted through Ecologi! We plant a tree every time an event creator completes a survey, to say thank you and give a little something back to the planet.

Wind turbine



Dark Matter, Berlin

Empowering the events industry

We wouldn’t be here today without our wonderful community of event creators.

By offering a simple feature-rich platform and affordable pricing, we help bring events of all shapes and sizes to life. From the UK’s only floating puppet theatre, to Beyonce-themed bottomless brunches and sell-out Santa’s grottos.

We also give B Corps, charities and PTAs 20% off. In 2022, 1,207 organisations benefited from this discount.

Our next step is to help inspire and educate our creators to make their events as sustainable as possible.

Putting you first

Our customer-first mindset means we take pride in providing world class customer support 24/7, and we genuinely listen to feedback to help inform the development of our platform.

We’ve challenged the industry standard by offering high quality support to all of our users, no matter what they spend or the size of their events.

  • 28,927

    Support conversations with customers in 2022

  • 1.23 minutes

    Median response time to support conversations

  • 97.2%

    Customer satisfaction rating

Investing back into our product and team

Ticket Tailor wouldn’t be what it is today without the people who power it.

We’re committed to being a relaxed, caring and inclusive employer because we know that without a happy team, we won’t have a great product. Initiatives like our wellbeing budget, profit share scheme, weekly ‘appreciation circle’ and more, contribute to our eNPS score of 73.