Privacy Policy for Austin Irby Entertainment

Ticket orders are processed on our behalf by Ticket Tailor through our event ticket shop. Ticket Tailor has no direct relation with ticket buyers. If you have any questions about your tickets, our ticket shop, your order or otherwise relating to an event, please contact us, not Ticket Tailor. Likewise, if you would like us to amend or delete any of the personal data you have provided to us, please contact us, not Ticket Tailor.

Refund & COVID Policy

(Tickets are NOT Refundable in the event of a Customer Cancellation!)

(If an event is Rescheduled NOT Canceled DUE TOO COVID ALL tickets will be moved over to the rescheduled date. No refunds will be issued !)

(In The event of a CANCELLATION Austin Irby Entertainment will offer Refunds for the first 48 hours after CANCELLATION of the Event or a Roll over option to another Austin Irby Entertainment Production with the same Ticket Value Price!)