Privacy Policy for The British Historical Games Society

The event organiser, The British Historical Games Society, has the legal responsibility to tell ticket buyers and event attendees how their personal information will be collected and used. You can find their Privacy Policy below or contact them to request it.


By entering a BHGS event you are consenting for The BHGS to contact you via email (sent by us through the Ticket Tailor booking system) to help us fulfil your order for this specific event, and also to share your name and contact details with your period umpire and list checker who act as the BHGS in helping to fulfil your order. After the event, if you are not already a subscriber we we will add your contact details to our MailChimp database and will use them to send you occasional emails about future events, all of which will include instructions allowing you to "opt-in" or "opt-out" of all future emails, or update the details we hold. We also collect phone numbers from players for use at each event to check for no-shows on the day, or to reach you if we have not been able to do so by email. Mobile numbers are not retained on our database after the event.