Thanking your PTA team, volunteer helpers and school office staff

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Can you believe it? Another year done 🙌!  Congratulations if you’ve managed to keep your sanity throughout the craziness of the last few months! Now the fundraising fugue has cleared, it’s important to recognise your fabulous PTA support network - the PTA team, the office staff and the parent volunteers.

You may be reading this blog after the end of year but I hope you can take something away from it anyway. After all, there are many times throughout the school fundraising year that a thank you of some sort would be appreciated. No one ever complains about too many thank yous 😉.

Recognising your supporters input is a great start to keeping them longer term. It’s a lot easier to retain a willing volunteer than recruit a new one. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and all that!
Everybody will have their own thoughts about who and how, even why to thank, but we will share some of the more popular means of showing appreciation. Of course, there are many factors that determine whether they are appropriate for your PTA or not. Discuss options with your committee.

Thanking your PTA team 

This group would be your committee members and die hard, always there, parent volunteers.

  • Going to the pub at the end of the year or the end of a big event

  • Baking and sharing cupcakes or a cake

  • Pick n mix sweetie gift bags

  • Hosting afternoon tea at someones house

  • Hosting a party night at your house for the team and their long suffering spouses!

Thanking the parent helper volunteers

This group can’t help at every event but have missed many a teatime, bath-time and bedtime with their own children to ensure a particular event/s is enjoyed  by everybody else. They have volunteered their time all hours of the day or night designing posters, selling tickets, approaching sponsors, filling goody bags, chasing envelopes, baking or making for the fair, shopping, counting cash, collecting raffle prizes, wrapping gifts -  the list goes on!

  • Have a BYO picnic for the volunteers and their families, supply some goodies to share

  • Make and present some fancy certificate scrolls maybe even at the picnic

  • Personalised thank you cards - it doesn’t take much to hand-write a quick thank you an include their name

  • A shout-out in the school newsletter seen by everyone

  • Compose a thank you poem or rhyme on your PTA FB page, as a public thank you to make other parents aware of the sacrifices of a PTA volunteer. Tag the people you wish to dedicate it to

Don’t forget the office staff 

The office staff are key to running successful PTA events and fundraisers. They let us in and out during the school day, they collect monies on our behalf , they act as a go-between between the PTA  and the teaching staff, they take delivery of event/prize donations, they send messages and publish newsletter items on our behalf. More often than not they don’t have kids at the school that benefit from PTA funds. Letting them know that they are appreciated is a must for this very important PTA/Office relationship. Here are a few ideas used by several successful PTA groups we’ve talked with.

  • Bacon butties or pastries as a surprise breakfast treat in the office

  • A framed thank you word cloud for the office

  • Flowers or chocolates for the school office staff to share

  • Ice creams on  hot afternoon

Mix and match ideas as you see fit, try out a few and see what gets the best response. One thing is sure, a little goes a long way. It’s worth starting with a simple thank you. 😍

Here is an online resource you may find useful -
Canva templates for Thank Yous / Certificates of Appreciation