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Easy event ticketing for PTAs.

  • Quick and easy event set up
  • Dedicated in-house PTA expert
  • Very low fees for PTAs
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Accept card payments online
  • Waitlist feature


PTAs just like yours are using Ticket Tailor

Castle Hills First Baptist School
Warren Road PTA
Oxford High School
Newbridge Primary School
Cheltenham School District Foundation
Richmond Heights High School

Raise more, spend less

Our ticketing platform is completely FREE for event organisers that choose to pass the low booking fee on to ticket buyers. You can also increase the booking fee for extra revenue. We think this is a much fairer approach to ticketing for PTA volunteer groups.

Customer Support

We know PTAs

Flexible pricing offering PTA groups more options, a PTA dedicated in-house team, robust committee reporting, new communication feature, event questionnaires, waitlists, secure online payments, simple privacy policy generator to help with GDPR compliance.

Direct payments

Additional fundraising

Multiple sponsorship and advertising opportunities - free sponsorship pack. Easy donation option, add a booking fee, lucrative referral program, sell fundraising items online. Did you know we pay PTA groups £20 per successful referral?

20% off for charities

Hassle-free admin

Sell tickets online 24/7 as well as on the door, add a waitlist for popular events, speedy check in using our app, add a waitlist for popular events. Other features include flexible committee reporting and key info gathering e.g. food choices, allergies, contacts, beverage pre-orders.

Exclusive PTA pricing

Annual plan


per year

Pay as you go


per paid ticket

FREE for PTA groups that choose to pass the low ticket fee on to the ticker buyer.

Green tick Free tickets are free
Green tick Unlimited ticket sales
Green tick Unlimited events
Green tick Free call with our PTA expert

Prices shown exclude VAT. Local VAT rates apply.

In order to accept ticket sale payments with Ticket Tailor, you will need a payment processor account. Ticket Tailor has partnered with Stripe and PayPal for payment processing solutions – both providers are low-cost and easy to integrate.

Our first choice recommendation is Stripe, for the following reasons:

  • Usually lower fees (see below for fee breakdown)
  • Better checkout experience for ticket buyers
  • More reliable service
  • Better customer support
  • 7 day rolling payout to your bank account

Payment processing fees

Processor Card Type UK Charges USA Charges
Stripe logo UK/EU Card Transactions 1.4% + £0.20 * 2.9% + $0.30 *
Non EU Card Transactions 2.9% + £0.20 *
PayPal logo All Card Transactions 3.4% + £0.20 * 2.9% + $0.30 *

Learn more about payment processing here.

* Please note, fees displayed are each provider’s typical fees and may vary.

Case study

Cumnor House School

Transitioning into the digital world can be a scary task for many, but with a little homework, the outcome can be hugely rewarding. Cumnor House School Parent Association have said goodbye to paper tickets for their fundraising events and life has been easy-peasy ever since.

Situated in South London, Cumnor House School for Boys is an independent Preparatory school for children aged 4 – 13. Like many schools, Cumnor House has a parent association, made up of committed parents who work hand in hand with the school to arrange fun and exciting events for the school children and their families.

St Aubyn's case study
Cumnor House School PTA
Very easy to set up, administer and gather the data for reports to use for each event. Very easy process.

KERRY NORRIS – Cumnor House School–Parent Association

PTA Hub – Our dedicated blog for Parent Teacher Associations

PTAs are the unsung heroes of school fundraising. However, there is no degree or college course which prepares you for life as a PTA volunteer. We thought it might be nice to have a free online resource for PTA groups to hangout and find out some tips and tricks to help them on their hugely rewarding, albeit often frustrating journey!

Visit PTA Hub