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Ticket Tailor allows you to sell tickets and earn revenue or donations from your virtual events. We're the perfect low cost ticketing solution to earn revenue from Zoom, Hopin, YouTube and more.

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“I have tried all the major ticketing sites for my film festival and found Ticket Tailor to be head and shoulders above the competition. The site is exceptionally user-friendly.”
James Rowlins from Brighton Rocks Film Festival
Brighton, United Kingdom
Photo of Ali Rizvi
“Ticket Tailor is great! If you want a professional custom widget ticketing form with built-in checkout for your website, this is the best way to go. Ticket Tailor is also very cheap compared to its competitors, it's a must try!”
Ali Rizvi from Camp Kawthar
Dallas, Texas
Photo of Ann Flagella
“Love this company! Makes it super easy to sell tickets to any event. Highly recommended”
Ann Flagella from AF Productions
Cincinnati, United States
Photo of Tricia Mims
“Ticket Tailor is well designed and we never have any problems with guests buying tickets to our events. The reporting is great for tracking sales and post-event follow up.”
Tricia Mims from National Park Partners
Chattanooga, United States
Photo of Lucy Thomas
“Ticket Tailor is super simple to use, straightforward with their design AND ethics. Using their platform feels genuinely win win.”
Lucy Thomas from Being Whole
Aberdeen, Scotland
Photo of Malgorzata Grucka-Obst
“Great platform for selling tickets. I have been using Ticket Tailor for good few months for my events and I am very happy with it. Efficient and cost effective. Ideal for your business.”
Malgorzata Grucka-Obst from ABCEvents
London, United Kingdom
Photo of Laura Billingham
“Very easy to use and customise. The quick payment into my bank is also amazing - event cashflow is much better when the ticket money isn't held up by the ticketing platform!”
Laura Billingham from Revival Sanctuary
Sheffield, United Kingdom
Photo of Leo Nasskau
“The cheapest company in the market, and one of the easiest to use too. So much flexibility on fees and design, and customer service right there when you need it. Definitely trust Ticket Tailor to handle my event's ticketing.”
Leo Nasskau from TEDx Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom
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FAQs on selling tickets for virtual events

Does Ticket Tailor work for hybrid events?

Yes. We have lots of events that are in-person and online. You can create different ticket types depending on whether a guest is joining remotely or in-person. Our broadcast tool allows you to send seperate messages to the different ticket types.

Can I embed the joining link in the order confirmation email?

Yes. Our order confirmation template for online events allows you to embed the joining link directly into the email. If you'd prefer to send the joining link later then you can use the broadcast tool.

Can I only share the joining link just before the event starts?

You may want to stop the link to your online event being shared. A good way to solve this is by using our broadcast tool to only send the email with joining instructions at a set time just before the event happens. E.g. 1 hour before the event goes live.

Alternatively, use our Zapier integrations with platforms like Zoom or HopIn to manage attendees to your virtual events separately.

Is it possible to sell tickets for Instagram Live or Facebook Live?

The best way we have seen this solved by our enterprising event organisers is to create a new private Instagram or Facebook account specifically for your event.

Sell tickets on Ticket Tailor as you normally would.

Before you start the livestream share your new private account with ticket buyers so they can watch your show.

If the event is relatively small you can even ask ticket buyers to add you and check they have purchased a ticket.

Want to develop your own tools? Use our open API

Every event has different requirements – our open API allows you to build and connect additional tools to your box office. This means there are limitless ways Ticket Tailor can be used to manage your event. Read the docs to get more information on our API.

Does Ticket Tailor allow discount codes for virtual events?

Yes. You can create discount codes, voucher codes and even locked tickets. There are plenty of options to control these to ensure you always stay on top of the discounts you are offering.

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