Reverse Bingo- An easy fundraising game to play at your PTA event


Ok folks, this is going to be a short and snappy post! It is Summer after all :).

I still hope that this post will help you earn a few extra quid if you include this little nugget of a game in your next event. It is called Reverse Bingo and is a fun quick, high return vs effort fundraising game. It's a great addition to a quiz night, cheese and wine or family games night.

Your guests buy a regular bingo card for a £1. The game starts with everybody standing. The numbers are then called out 'Bingo style'. If that number is on your sheet - sit down - you are out!
Keep going until there is only one winner left standing. The winner gets a prize, some PTAs give the winner half of the money collected from the game, some give a bottle - it's really down to you.

The great thing about this game is that everybody wants to join in, so that makes another £1 a head to your event total for very little volunteer effort. Best of all, it's a really good laugh and can double up as an event ice breaker if played at the start of the event! Go ahead, give it a go and let us know how you get on.