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Your Money
Your money

Ticket buyers pay you directly.
We never take a cut.

Your Brand
Your brand

Customise everything.
Sell from anywhere.

Your Customers
Your customers

Collect all the data you need.
Use it any way you want.

Sell Tickets Online

Everything you need to sell tickets online

Add details of your events and ticket types, customise your box office and then share the link or embed it in to your website. Your customers can then buy tickets and pay you directly using their credit or debit card. They are automatically issued an e-ticket which can then be crossed off at the event using a paper list or our smart phone scanning app.

Easy event forms

Customisable event forms

Customise the forms that your customers need to fill out to buy tickets. Ask any questions you want and collect different information from different types of attendees. Then export all the information you need in a nice spreadsheet.

No ticket fees or commission on ticket sales

No ticket fees or commission on ticket sales

Most ticketing companies will take a cut of your proceeds but we know this money goes a long way, especially for fund-raisers. We don't take a cut of your sales, but instead charge a fixed low monthly fee. (Payment processing fees do also apply).

Secure, fast, easy online payments.

Secure, fast, easy online payments.

Ditch the cash box; it's a liability. Instead take payments in advance online direct from your customers. We integrate with Stripe, a great value secure payment processing system to provide you with a easy way to take direct payments from your customers. We also integrate with PayPal.

Easy to use and we are here to help.

Easy to use and we are here to help.

Ticket Tailor is designed to be easy to use even if it's the first time you've sold tickets online. Once you sign up we will take you through the setup steps one-by-one. Our customer support team will keep in touch with you to make sure you don't get stuck.

Established and award winning

Established, award-winning small business.

We've been around for five years and have helped over 10,000 event organisers sell millions of tickets. In 2011 we won a Smarta 100 award as well as being a finalist for the Europa Tech Awards. Ticket Tailor was started by Jonny White in 2011 and he still runs the company today. We are small team that cares about the success of your event and we can't wait to work with you.

I was very surprised how fast and easy it was to set up, integrate and start selling tickets... and that's with out reading any manuals!!

Nikki Stetterfield Club Promoter

It is extremely easy to set up your event, and then incorporate the ticket sales portal into your existing website. Further, the pricing is the most competitive of any option we reviewed.

Tricia Nordby Communications at Life Rolls On

Tricia Nordby
Super easy to use. Great price. Integrated with my website perfectly. Customers encountered no problems- so happy I picked ticket tailor.

Jonathan Bowles Organiser at The Slingshot Show

Jonathan Bowles

Everything you need to sell tickets online.

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