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50% charity discount

If your event is for a good cause then we'll give you a generous discount. Discounts also available for B Corps, PTAs and not-for-profits.

50% discount for low-price tickets

If you're selling tickets with very low priced tickets, then we'll reduce our fees to make sure you keep as much money as possible.

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The most cost-effective way of using Ticket Tailor is by purchasing credits upfront.

  • One ticket sold equals one credit used
  • No time limit to use credits by
  • Choose to automate your top-ups
  • Pass fees on to your ticket buyer
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Payment processing fees

The pricing plans above show our fees. In order to take payments online you will also need a payment processor and they charge a small payment processing fee to manage the transaction. We have partnered with Stripe, PayPal and Square to make this as easy and cost effective as possible.

Ticket Tailor does not touch or process the payment for your tickets. This is all managed via our integration with your chosen payment processor.

Learn more

By partnering with payment providers we can ensure fast, reliable and secure transfer of money between your ticket buyers and your bank account.

In order to accept ticket sale payments with Ticket Tailor, you will need a payment processor account.

Stripe are our recommended provider for the following reasons:

  • Easy to use
  • Low fees
  • Best checkout experience for ticket buyers
  • Reliable service and good customer support
  • Fast and rolling payments
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Extensive list of currencies

Example Stripe fees






1.5% + £0.20

2.9% + $0.30

1.5% + €0.25

2.9% + C$0.30

1.75% + A$0.30

*Fees may vary. Learn more about payment processing fees for Stripe, PayPal and Square. We also support PayPal and Square.

We work with Stripe,Square, PayPal

Calculate your savings from switching

When it comes to fees, there really is no comparison between Ticket Tailor and the alternatives. See how much you'll save.

Compared to



Savings per year based on equivalent plans and exc. additional payment processing fees.

Compared to



Savings per year based on equivalent plans and exc. additional payment processing fees.

Compared to



Savings per year based on equivalent plans and exc. additional payment processing fees.

Don’t like paying fees? Pass them on.

You can choose to set your own booking and transaction fees – giving you total control over what your customers pay and what you earn.

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Hear what our clients have to say

When I moved over to Ticket Tailor I had instant access to my money. And with their low fees I’m saving thousands and thousands of pounds each year.

Laura Ripley, Northern Frights, Aberdeen

Ticket Tailor has been integral in supporting me as a new small business in terms of affordability and simplicity.

Becky Jackson, Legs Body Finish, London

Not only has it made our guest experience so much better, but it has made our team feel so much more comfortable.

Amy LaBelle, LaBelle Lights, New Hampshire, USA

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Questions about our pricing?

How does the free trial work?

It's free to set up a Box office, and we're free to use for your first five ticket sales. Once your sixth ticket purchase comes through we will start charging the standard Pay As You Sell rate. If you'd like to move to Pre Paid Credits then head to "Billing" and "Buy credits".

Your fees are so low! How come?

That's right. We want to make Ticket Tailor as affordable as possible for event creators of all sizes. Being an independent business allows us to do that. You also have the option to pass on any ticketing costs to your customers through a booking fee. We always aim to be the best value on the market so please let us know if you think you can find a similar product for a lower price.

In order to process payments, you'll need to use a payment processor (Stripe, PayPal or Square) and they charge a small transaction fee to cover the cost of processing the payment.

Can I pass the fees on to my customers?

Yes, you can add any booking fee you like to the ticket price, which means all your fees are covered and you get to keep the entire face value of the ticket price. You're in total control.

Can I use Ticket Tailor for free?

If your event has free tickets then there is generally no charge to use the platform. Limits do apply for very high-volume events. Please see the Terms and Conditions or speak to support for more information.

If your event has paid for tickets then there are charges, but you can get your customer to absorb the fees via the booking fee - in this instance you will receive the face value of the ticket.

Please note that all tickets (free and paid) sold using seating charts will incur a fee.

How does it work when I pay upfront for credits?

Paying upfront for credits allows you to pay lower fees per ticket sold. These credits can be used over an unlimited time period.

Credit usage is calculated in the following way:
One paid for ticket sold = 1 credit
One paid for ticket sold using seating charts = 2 credits
One free ticket issued = 0 credits
One free ticket issued using seating charts = 1 credit

Once you purchase a quantity of ticket credits they'll be added to your credit balance and all tickets sold will be offset against this balance until your balance reaches zero - at which point you will move to Pay As You Sell pricing. To avoid accidentally moving to Pay As You Sell pricing we offer you the chance to auto-renew your credit; either on a monthly basis or when ticket credits start running low (25 or less).

Please note that, as with Pay As You Sell pricing, you'll still have to pay payment processing fees (to Stripe, PayPal or Square). Ticket credits do not cover payment of processing fees.

Do you recommend purchasing credits upfront or Pay As You Sell?

The smallest quantity of credits you can purchase is 100, so if you expect to sell more than this then purchasing upfront is probably best. If you expect to sell less than this then Pay As You Sell might suit you.

How do I get the charity discount?

Charities get 50% off our fees, forever. Once you've created an account head to your Billing page and follow the instructions. You will need a scanned copy of an official document showing your charitable status, including a charity registration or identification number if you have one.

How do I get paid for the tickets sold?

With Ticket Tailor you don't have to wait until after the event to get paid - we know that's a pain for event creators. You’ll need a Stripe, PayPal or Square account to receive ticket sales revenue through Ticket Tailor. The revenue will appear almost immediately into your chosen account/s, but may take a week or so for them to transfer into your bank account.

How do I pay for the fees?

If you pay upfront then your card will be charged immediately. If you choose an auto-renew option then we'll let you know on your billing page when the next payment will be taken. This will either be monthly, or when your ticket credits fall below 25.

We'll send you an email and an invoice each time and there is a section on your Dashboard to review all previous bills so you can always easily check how much you've paid.

For Pay As You Sell customers on Stripe the fee is automatically deducted before landing in your account.

For PAYG customers on PayPal and Square we invoice and collect the fees once a month for ticket sales made in that previous month.

Can I use other ticketing companies alongside?

That's no problem, you can do whatever you like – it's your event, we're just here to make your life as easy as possible!

Sometimes I won't need the system. Will I still need to pay the subscription?

We don't run a subscription model. There are no contracts, and fees are only linked to when you are selling tickets.

How much notice is required to purchase credits upfront?

It's instant. As soon as you purchase the credits they'll be added to your account and sales from that point on will come from your ticket credit balance.

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