Speed up entry with our free check in app

Keep track of your ticket holders and easily scan tickets on the door using your mobile or an external scanner. Available on iOS and Android.

Scanning tickets on mobile phones at billericay fireworks

Why use our (free) check in app?

Skip the hassle and scan with swagger

Whether you're checking in 80 or 8,000 attendees, we've got you covered. Scan tickets, search personal details, or select from a door list for seamless entry.

  • Manually check in attendees without tickets
  • Save time with group admission
  • Manage membership tickets

Keep tabs on your attendees on-the-go

When your event is in full swing, stay connected and keep track of the check-in process on-the-go. Plus, it works offline, so even the most remote events can keep going worry-free.

  • Access live reporting on attendee numbers
  • Monitor check-in progress with overview stats
  • Use filters to organise door lists

Let your team take the reins

Empower your team by creating multiple user profiles and training them in minutes. Plus, with the ability to hide sensitive data like ticket count and personal info, and remove access after the event, it can flex with your team.

  • Track check-ins by staff members
  • Safeguard sensitive data and easily remove access after the event
  • Download and switch between multiple events (or time slots)
Amy LaBelle founder of LaBelle Winery smiling at customer with glass of red wine in her hand
Dan Clews playing guitar and singing
Danny poole speedway

Here's what our Creators have to say

We haven’t had a single line. The check-in process is a breeze. Not only has it made our guest experience so much better, but it has made our team feel so much more comfortable.

Amy LaBelle, LaBelle Lights, New Hampshire, USA

We sell our events out in one hour. That’s 8,000 tickets selling in one hour, and Ticket Tailor can handle it.

Dan Clews, Folking in the Strawberries, Kent

We love the simplicity of the dashboard and also the check-in app, which is by far the best we found.

Danny Ford, Poole Speedway, Poole, UK

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