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Don't just take our word for it!

4.9/5 Capterra

4.9/5 G2

4.8/5 Google

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Ticket Tailor vs. Eventbrite

Take back control of your event ticketing by working with the world's #1 alternative to Eventbrite.

Fair, simple and transparent pricing

There are many reasons events switch to Ticket Tailor, but the #1 reason is price. If you run events, you'll know all the hard work, investment and time required to run a successful event.

We believe that you, the event creator, should receive as much money from ticket sales as possible, so the ticketing fees should stay low – whatever your ticket price.

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Your brand front and centre

Your brand, not ours, should take centre stage. That's why we offer you the freedom to customise event pages to look exactly how you want. And you can even embed the checkout directly on to your own website for a seamless experience.

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Own your own customer data

Your ticket buyers are your customers, not a marketing opportunity for us. Unlike Eventbrite, we respect your customers' privacy and won't flood their inboxes with promotions for other events. Your customer data belongs to you. In legal jargon, we're the data processor, and you're the data controller.

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24/7 support from real humans

Left frustrated that you can't ever speak to a human or get a question answered? Not with Ticket Tailor. We offer chat support from product experts 24/7 every single day of the year. If you message us, one of our friendly team will respond in less than 5 minutes (no AI or chatbots here). Whatever the size of your event.

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Everything you need, and a bit more

Price is important, but we know it's not everything. Since 2010 we've been launching feature after feature to make your event ticketing run like a dream.

Feature Comparisons

Ticket Tailor

Low, simple and flat fee per ticket. No monthly costs.


High % per ticket, plus per event and monthly costs.

Unlimited events

Unlimited ticket types

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Free scanning app

Automated customer emails

Mailchimp integration

Zapier integration

Group tickets

Direct payouts (via Stripe, PayPal and Square)

24/7 human support

Branded event pages

Open API

Free events are free

Free trial available

Join over 73,000 event creators across 120 countries

Boss your events null by switching to Ticket Tailor

Don’t just take our word for it!

4.9/5 Capterra

4.9/5 G2

4.8/5 Google

Need more reasons?

More than just ticketing

What if the next ticket you sold could positively impact the planet and people around you? With Ticket Tailor you're supporting a certified B Corp. Every time you sell a ticket we donate to climate charities through our Penny for the Planet promise. And we offset the carbon emissions that are produced from using us as your ticket provider. You can see your individual donations and emissions in the Climate Impact tracker on the Dashboard overview.

The independent alternative

We don't feel like another big corporate tech company, because we're not. We're a dedicated team that has a big impact and who cares about our customers, team and wider society. Since we're independent, we don't need to focus on our share price and can focus 100% on your events.

We're also a B Corp which means we put purpose before profits.

The best reviews in the industry

There are a lot of ticketing platforms out there, all claiming to be the best. Instead of taking their (or our) word for it, we always encourage event creators to compare reviews from actual users. We're proud that our customers consistently rate us top of our competitors on Trustpilot and Capterra. You can even see an impartial and direct comparison between Ticket Tailor and Eventbrite on GetApp.

A reliable solution with 99.99% uptime

We’re proud that our uptime is better than Facebook, Twitter and Eventbrite. So when you go on sale, you know we’ll be right there with you.

More control over ticket capacities

We often get feedback from events that switch over from Eventbrite that Ticket Tailor gives more control over ticket quantities and ticket types. One of the main reasons for this is our "Ticket group" functionality, that allows you to set limits on a set of Ticket types. For example, you can group all your "Friday tickets" for a festival to make sure that you only sell a certain amount.

Simpler and more intuitive to use

We regularly get feedback that people find Ticket Tailor a more intuitive and simple platform to work with. Making your life easier, and giving you more time to spend on creating a successful event.

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