Growth on Purpose

We go the extra mile for people and the planet. From our B Corp certification to carbon credentials, Penny for the Planet donations, and proud independence. Rest easy, knowing every ticket you sell on our platform will make a difference.

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We've always believed that growing a business is about so much more than just profit. We want to make sure every ticket sold on our platform has a positive impact.

Jonny, Founder & CEO

A proud B Corp

We achieved B Corp status in 2022, reflecting the purposeful way we do business. Before the deep dive, here are some highlights from our journey so far.

Ticket Tailor leadership meeting

It started with a strategy workshop

We've always wanted to do good. After the pandemic we wanted to redefine our stance on growth. It was during a leadership workshop that our vision of 'Growth on Purpose' was born.

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Discovering B Corp

The way we wanted to do business was perfectly captured by B Corp. In some areas we were already doing well, but in others it gave us the guidance and momentum to improve.

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Certifying in 2022

After a thorough application process, we became the first independent ticketing platform in the world to achieve B Corp status, certifying with a score of 86.3 (more on that below).

Penny for the Planet

Every time a ticket sells on our platform we donate 1p to our climate charity partners. And each year the Ticket Tailor team visits one partner to see the impact.

Jonny presenting on the stage at saastock conference

Spreading the word

We're actively sharing our learnings about business for good with the wider community at conferences and on podcasts.

What's the buzz about B Corps?

B Corps are are setting a new gold standard in the business world, proudly upholding the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

It's not just about making money for shareholders; the B Corp community believes in doing business responsibly, and balancing profit with purpose.

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Our B Corp journey

The B Lab measures impact across five areas – Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers – to calculate your 'B Impact Score'.

We proudly earned our certification with a score of 86.3. But the journey doesn't stop there. B Corps must recertify every three years, showcasing an ongoing commitment to uphold and improve standards.

We've made leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, and we're hopeful that 2024 will gear us up for recertification, where we're aiming to take our score to an ambitious 100 (or higher). Stay tuned for updates!

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Our Planet

So what does ticketing have to do with our planet? 'Not a lot', we often hear, but we believe otherwise. Our goal is to operate as sustainably as possible, having offset our carbon emissions across all three scopes (since day one!). And we've made giving back to the planet part of our DNA. Every time a ticket is sold on our platform, we donate a penny to our climate charity partners. We call this our Penny for the Planet promise.

Together we’ve donated

For every ticket you sell, we donate 1p to our climate charity partners.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Meet our charity partners

Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Peatlands (also known as bogs) hold the key to combating climate change thanks to their carbon-storing-powers. Sadly, lack of care means peatlands are leaking carbon that's been locked away for thousands of years back into the atmosphere. Enter the Cumbria Wildlife Trust, on a mission to protect and enhance the habitat at a group of nature reserves in England's Lake District.

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Heal Rewilding

Meet our charity partners

Heal Rewilding

Rewilding makes land more climate-resilient, as healthy ecosystems are better able to adapt to extreme weather events and the unpredictable, fluctuating conditions that climate change brings. Our donations support Heal's mission to raise money, buy land, and give it back to nature. Simple.

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Ocean Conservation Trust

Meet our charity partners

Ocean Conservation Trust

Seagrass is diminishing rapidly around the world, with some studies estimating that around 92% of those surrounding the UK have disappeared over the last couple of centuries. Thankfully there are amazing organisations like Ocean Conservation Trust who are working hard to protect and restore these superheroes of the sea.

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a seahorse in seagrass
Rainforest Foundation UK

Meet our charity partners

Rainforest Foundation UK

Rainforests are crucial for the world's water and carbon cycles, as well as climate regulation. Yet rainforest destruction releases more CO₂ than all the world’s cars, planes, and ships combined! The Rainforest Foundation UK is dedicated to empowering indigenous peoples and local communities in rainforest regions, so they can defend their territories and preserve the rich biodiversity of the rainforest.

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2 girls laughing and carrying stacks of cassava in a rainforest
Jan Stannard, CEO & Chair of Trustees, Heal
cumbria wildllife trust bog
Ticket Tailor donations have enabled us to run the charity day-to-day, and even allowed us to purchase pigs that will help nature restoration accelerate.

Jan Stannard, CEO & Chair of Trustees, Heal

Without partners like Ticket Tailor it would be really hard for us to do vitally important work to restore our bogs, from cell bunding to ditch-blocking.

David Harpley, Conservation Manager at Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Other planet progress

There's a whole section dedicated to our commitment to the planet in each of our Impact Reports, but here are three highlights we're pretty proud of.

Carbon neutral

In 2022 we calculated our carbon emissions across all three scopes with the help of Supercritical. We offset these through quality carbon removals, and also chose to offset our entire history of emissions since 2010.

Hardware recycling

Our second-largest emissions (after employee remote working) come from software. Recycling hardware where possible is just one way we can bring that number down.

Moving to green offices

We're not talking about the plants here. Our sustainable Hackney-based offices boast a BREEAM Excellent Sustainability Award.

Our people

We wouldn't be here today without our wonderful community of event creators. That's why our top-notch team is committed to making each and every event creator's experience as easy and empowering as possible.

Empowering the events industry

By offering a simple, feature-rich platform and affordable pricing, we help bring events of all shapes and sizes to life – from immersive art exhibitions, to Beyoncé-themed bottomless brunches and sell-out Santa’s grottos.

We offer charities a 50% discount on our fees, while B Corps and PTA's benefit from 20% off. And events with tickets (or products) costing less than a fiver can also access savings.

That’s more money where it matters: your event. Our next step is to help inspire and educate our creators to make their events as sustainable as possible.

Our Event Creator stories
3 people on a sunny day at a festival

Putting you first

Whether you're facing challenges creating your event or you're in a pickle with reporting, we provide round-the-clock support from real humans. Not only that, we're industry leaders. We offer the same high-quality support to everyone – no matter what you spend with us, or the size of your events. Because that's how we believe it should be done. And when it comes to feedback, we're all ears. You're the ones using our platform day-in-day-out, and we want to make your experience as slick as possible. Feel free to send us a message any time.

46,144 support conversations in 2023

Each year our global team of friendly experts help thousands of event creators.

2m 38s average first response time

You can expect lightning fast responses in a matter of minutes.

98% customer satisfaction rating

We strive to put a smile on your face while supporting both simple and complex needs.

4.8/5 on Google and other apps

We're industry leaders and love all feedback: the good, the bad, and even the ugly!

Power to the people (and product)

Ticket Tailor wouldn’t be what it is today without the people who power it.

We're not your typical employer – we're all about creating a relaxed, caring, and inclusive workplace. Why? Because we believe a happy team creates the best product. From our wellbeing budget to the profit share scheme and our weekly 'appreciation circle,' it all adds up to an eNPS score of a stellar 85.

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Our reports

Every year, B Corps must legally produce an Impact Report, showcasing the progress made (and hurdles faced). It's a great round-up for stakeholders to understand how Ticket Tailor is influencing the ticketing industry and making a positive impact on people and the planet.

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