Client spotlight: Maui Waui Events' Drive-in Fireworks show

“Adapt and mutate to survive” is what Silas Rayner from Maui Waui Events tells us is the key to being in the events industry in 2020. Sounds about right to us!

In this Client Spotlight we hear how Maui Waui Events transformed themselves from magical-fan-favourite festival into drive-in fireworks show pros to bring their local community some much needed joy in 2020.

  • Tell us about the events you put on in a normal year?
    We run around 5 or 6 of our own events, most are small festivals and camping/music weekends We then also host a multitude of stages at other events.

  • How have you managed to keep your audience engaged during the madness of 2020?
    It's been a struggle but like most we have used online social media, with various videos and streams. We hosted a large online festival and have been busy building content for more online style events. During lockdown the benefit of having a wide audience active on socials has helped us expand our reach, but that's a small gain from an otherwise wipeout year....

  • On to the fireworks show you have planned, have you run these before and if so, how have you found adapting it to a drive-in experience?
    Never before! But it’s adapt and mutate to survive! This will be the only physical event we have done this year, in the grand scheme of things it's much simpler than our usual events. The audience drive in and remain within their allocated space then drive out again roughly 90 minutes later.

  • What are the main challenges of running a drive-in event?
    The challenge will be delivering food and drink and managing check-in without a long and tiresome queue for the attendees. Also maintaining a high level of Covid protection for our staff and punters. I think it's all very achievable with careful planning and a good team.

  • How have the local community responded to being able to go to a fireworks display this year
    It's been outstanding, tickets are going really well and the immediate community appear to welcome it. Our venue is a large estate and we have space on our side to provide low impact on the locals, but an amazing show for the attendees. The council have been working with us to make sure that the event is within the law and guidelines of the times, however as with any event during these times it does hang by a shoe string and will always be subject to any new guidance released. There has never been a more nervous time for event organisers attempting things during the pandemic

  • How long have you used Ticket Tailor and why do you continue to choose us for your events?
    We switched to Ticket Tailor around 4 years again. We are an independent festival with no major financial backing so it’s vital we have access to our revenue prior to the event happening. Previously we had run our own internally managed Excel and PayPal ticket system. It worked but was labour intensive and complicated to implement. Using Ticket Tailor made it so much more efficient and reliable, freeing up more time for other things. The prices also reflect great value.

Thanks Silas for that honest account of life as an event organiser in 2020. Best of luck with your fireworks show and we look forward to return of the Maui Waui Festival in 2021!