Don’t make us repeat ourselves: recurring events is now live!

Recurring events blog post (1).png

Your awesome event might repeat itself - but your event set-up shouldn’t! 

You can now create one event page, for an event which repeats over multiple dates, multiple times, or both. 

This means you can save time by creating just one event and ticket type, and then scheduling the times it occurs. 

We’ve built lots into this feature so that you can easily manage your repeating events: 

repeating occurrences .gif
  • You can add additional dates and times if you are extending your event run (congratulations 🎉)!

  • You can hide specific occurrences from sale if you need to unexpectedly reschedule.

  • You can send broadcasts to all future attendees, or just those for specific events. 

  • You can use this feature for both in person events and online events! 

We really hope this saves you time creating your events, so you can spend even more time enjoying them! Detailed tutorials can be found in our help centre.

If you have any ideas, comments or questions about this feature please do get in touch at:

If you are on one of our legacy pricing plans, you may not have access to this feature. If you’re as excited as we are about this feature, please reach out to our friendly support team about moving to one of our latest pricing plans.