You might want to sit down for this announcement: Reserved seating is now live on Ticket Tailor

We’re super excited to announce one of our biggest feature releases in quite some time: you can now create seating charts and sell tickets for reserved seats with Ticket Tailor. 

Our seating chart designer tool allows you to add as many venues and layouts to your box office as you like, with endless options and features to fully represent your event space. Use images and customisable colours to ensure everything is perfectly on brand and gives a complete picture of what your venue looks like.

seating chart

More than just seats

The seating chart designer allows you to represent more than just seats. You can include tables, chairs, benches and even create standing spaces to help with social distancing. Adding points of interest such as stages, toilets, fire escapes and bars is simple and can really assist ticket buyers decide on which seats they want to purchase.

seating floorplan

The reserved seating feature seamlessly fits into your normal event creation flow, and is intuitive to use. Similarly, the ticket buyer experience is straightforward and works beautifully on desktops and mobile devices.

Our aim is to always offer great value and using seating charts only introduces a small additional charge for each seated ticket sold. See our help article on pricing for reserved seating.

Visit our features page to see more information on reserved seating and this guide will help you sell your first seated ticket. As always, if you have any questions please do contact us, we’d love to help.