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Find out how you can level up your ticketing and make significant savings by switching to our powerful and feature rich alternative to Brown Paper Tickets.

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Set your price and ticket sales to see the savings you'll make by choosing Ticket Tailor.

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£219 / event
or £2.19 per ticket*

Calculator is based on plans with comparable features and excludes additional payment processing fees.

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Ticket Tailor vs. Brown Paper Tickets

Take back control of your event finances, increase your profits and improve checkout conversion by switching to Ticket Tailor.

Fair pricing at last

There are many reasons that events, charities and venues switch to Ticket Tailor, but the #1 reason is price. Our low per ticket pricing saves the average user thousands of dollars – ensuring your profits are secure and your event is a success.

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Increase checkout conversion

Brown Paper Tickets event pages can be dated, confusing and an unclear flow for ticket buyers. We have optimised our event pages and checkout forms to maximise conversion and simplify the experience for your customers. You can even embed the ticket checkout direct on to your own website. This improves event page conversion and increases revenue.

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Direct, secure payouts

Ever been worried when your ticket revenue will be paid out? You can rest easy with Ticket Tailor. We work with the world's leading payment providers to send funds direct from your ticket buyers into your account, meaning we never touch your money.

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Beautiful event pages and embeddable widgets

We put your brand front and centre, giving you total control to design event pages that look and feel like your website. What's more, you can even embed the checkout directly on to your website, meaning ticket buyers never leave your site to purchase a ticket.

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Explore our features

Whether you're an event pro running a popular attraction or new to ticketing and running your first ever event – we have the tools and features to help make your event a success.

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Recurring events

Create and manage time slots with unbelievable ease.

Peak and off-peak pricing

Override your standard pricing and ticket options based on date and times.

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Seating charts

Design, build and manage custom seating charts.

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Free scanning app

Our robust check-in app will even work offline.

Automate emails

Send automated emails for no extra cost.

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Powerful integrations

Direct integrations with Mailchimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact and more.

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Embed on your site

Minimise clicks by selling tickets directly from your own website.

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Memberships and season passes

Drive revenue and loyalty by selling memberships.

Ticket buyer self-serve

Allow ticket buyers to rearrange and cancel their own tickets.

Boss your events by switching null to Ticket Tailor

Don’t just take our word for it!

4.9/5 Capterra

4.9/5 G2

4.8/5 Google

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