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“Ticket Tailor has been integral in supporting me as a new small business in terms of affordability and simplicity.”

Becky Jackson, Legs Body Finish, London, UK

Meet Becky, Founder of Legs Body Finish – the wine club with a full-bodied difference

Legs Body Finish is a wine tasting events business with a big difference. Several differences actually – the most refreshing of which has to be its dedication to lightheartedness and fun over cliched snobbery. (Note the opening line on its ‘about’ web page: “We love wine… the taste and the effects.”

Then there are the club’s wine tasting events for mums and dads – called Champers & Pampers, naturally – which have us raising our arms to the sky asking how on earth no one has thought of this before. Genius. 

There’s a Sip & Savour Supper Club too, which sumptuously combines thought-provoking food with equally as impressive wine. 

There’s nothing not to love about Legs Body Finish, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy reading what founder Becky Jackson has to say in this event creator spotlight👇.

Key takeaways for small businesses

  • Building great relationships with venues and collaborators – where the focus is on how mutually beneficial an event-venue partnership can be – is invaluable. 
  • Using a low-cost ticketing platform like Ticket Tailor helps you provide better value for your customers, as there’s no need to pass on expensive booking fees to them.
  • When you focus on the quality of your events, word of mouth can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

🎤 Now, over to Becky.

💫 How it all began

My love of wine came from a love of drinking and socialising. Then I had “that wine” – the wine that changed everything at a posh restaurant – and I just wanted to know more. I had been to a few wine tastings and done some wine qualifications before I had my first baby and I then went on to meet my best mum friends at a maternity leave wine tasting. Champers & Pampers was born from there really.

🍷 A brand is born

The aim of Legs Body Finish is to bring approachable wine events to people who want to learn more and are happy to make sure we don’t all take ourselves too seriously.

Our ethos is that we believe that the wine that you like, is the best wine in the world. Quite simply there’s no need for snobbery when it comes to taste buds.

In terms of the reception of my events, I’ve never had a complaint so that’s a great sign! Also, the guests are very positive about their experiences and seem to leave happy. Sometimes people take the time to send kind words after they’ve been there which fills me with joy and I once received a hamper and a bunch of flowers after a corporate event so that was hugely flattering too!

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Lady with dark hair drinking a glass on wine
wine tasting glasses with fizzy wine
Becky Jackson presenting a wine at her wine tasting
The wine tasting menu for 'champers and pampers' Becky's wine tasting event
Becky Jackson presenting another wine with a table of women and babies listening

📈 Developing the business

Major milestones for me and my business include seeing improvements year on year financially, but also knowing more and more the kind of person I want to be in business. So for me, it’s been building amazing relationships with my venues and collabs. Also, being brave and asking influential people to come along – that has been a game changer.

My biggest challenge has been around confidence. I’m happy to speak publicly so not confident in that sense, just in keeping going after bad weeks and believing in the path that I’ve set myself.

My biggest win is that I’m (just about) able to support my family after taking a big risk on making the business work. 

💰 Delivering value for customers

I don’t want to pass on vast costs to my customers and I’ve never been a fan of a booking fee as an event attendee, so Ticket Tailor has been great for this. Value for money is crucial to who I am and how I run the events, whether it’s Champers & Pampers for people on mat leave or Sip & Savour Supper Club which also includes all the wine. I don’t want to make my events more expensive than they need to be and Ticket Tailor ensures I don’t need to. 

In terms of reaching attendees, I use Instagram and Facebook. A wise person said stick to one platform and get good at it, and as it’s just me, that’s what I opted for. Then, as the events have such great feedback, those positive experiences have led to massive growth due to word of mouth, which is a real boon.

⚙️ The logistics

I aim for a maximum of 15 attendees at Champers & Pampers, which I feel enhances the fact that I talk to the group – any more than this and I feel that this aspect would be diluted. For the supper club, we aim for 24 attendees for a still intimate experience. I use a range of different venues from cafes to pubs to bistros to theatres. The main thing is to get to know the people there, to work out how it’s mutually beneficial and also to build good relationships and have fun!

Diversifying in terms of the events I offer has been successful as all my products are right for their intended audience. Champers & Pampers has never changed in terms of price so it’s easy to duplicate the events and I think the price is still right in a cost of living crisis. Sip & Supper started off cheap to get bums on seats and for us to test really, but now we have a formula we enjoy, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive so we are thrilled. I love all the events for very different reasons. 

🗝️ Some words of wisdom for budding event creators…

Cliche I guess, but when it comes to creating your brand, be yourself. Stick to what you are comfortable with and think is cool, while making sure you keep an open mind if someone more objective gives you some good advice. And use Ticket Tailor if you are hoping to save money for you and your guests! 

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🔮 One eye on the future 

I’d love to get more venues for Champers & Pampers and to host more private events for hen parties, offices, team bonding, birthdays – things like that. Long term, I’d love to do more wine qualifications and network more with women in wine. I’d also love to start other people on this journey with their own franchise and I’d like to sell my business when I’m 50, then visit a LOT of vineyards.

Sounds pretty good to us! Thanks for the brilliant insights Becky – we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you… Cheers! 🥂

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