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“We sell our events out in one hour. That’s 8,000 tickets selling in one hour, and Ticket Tailor can handle it.”

Dan Clews, Folking in the Strawberries, Stonepitts Farm, UK

Dan Clews playing guitar and singing

From fruit growers to folk festivals: The Stonepitts Farm Story

Dan Clews is a British Singer-songwriter and the founder of Folking in the Strawberries a weekly event held every summer at his family farm: Stonepitts Farm.

15 years ago they were running a late night strawberry picking session and Dan decided to play music to the 12 attendees. Fast-forward 15 years and they have 1,000 people attending each week!

During covid they discovered Ticket Tailor as they realised the need to start ticketing their events. Not only does Dan love how easy it is to embed Ticket Tailor into his website, and the easy interface, but he is really impressed at the high volume of traffic our website can handle - in 2023 his events sold out in one hour - that’s 8,000 ticket sales process in less than an hour on Ticket Tailor! And that’s not just it - the waitlist feature means they can always fill their events and can get an idea of the demand, helping Dan to grow Folking in the Strawberries and manage the size of their future events.

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