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“We love the simplicity of the dashboard and also the check-in app, which is by far the best we found.”

Danny Ford, Poole Speedway, Poole, UK

Action shot of speedway competitor sliding

Ticket Tailor powers Poole Speedway's thrilling events

Danny is the Director and Co-Promoter of Poole Speedway, home to one of the most successful speedway clubs of the modern era, Poole Pirates.

Poole Speedway hosts thrilling motorcycle racing action featuring numerous prominent figures from the world of British Speedway racing!

Danny's secret to success? He loves Ticket Tailor’s intuitive dashboard, free check-in app, and the seamless collaboration between Ticket Tailor and Poole Speedway! It's more than just a supplier relationship; it's a game-changing collaboration that's taking their events to the next level.

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Crowd at Poole Speedway

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Poole Speedway elderly man on stalls in crowd
Crowd at Poole Speedway
Danny poole speedway
Person walking waving large flag at poole speedway
Competitor number 7 from behind getting ready to compete
Ticket Scanning at Poole Speedway attendee wearing Pirates top and holding printed ticket
Action shot of speedway competitor sliding
Crowd in the stadium cheering and standing on their feet

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