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“We were able to entirely white label it, which meant we could put our own branding on it.”

Gemma Martini, Martini Town, Langley, Canada

Gemma Martini founder of Martini Film Studios

Turning film strike setbacks into a seasonal sensation

Have you ever wanted to step into a real-life Hallmark movie?

Now you can. Explore the enchanting destination of Martini Town, in Langley, Canada, created by film enthusiast and Founder & CEO of Martini Films Studios, Gemma Martini.

When faced with film industry strikes, Gemma saw the opportunity to transform her New York-themed film set into a magical winter wonderland, throwing open their doors to the public, offering nightly delights like food trucks, snow machines, a festive market, and live music!

When it came to their ticketing, Gemma considered many platforms. With seamless ticket integration directly into their website, a white-label option to showcase their brand, and a commitment to data privacy, Ticket Tailor stood out as the ideal choice for delivering the ultimate customer experience. To top things off, she also loved the fact we have a joint commitment to the planet – it's a match made in heaven.

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Gemma Martini being interviewed

Take a tour of Martini Studios festive event

Martini Town Sign
Three Singers performing at Martini Film Studios
Gemma Martini being interviewed
Ticket Scanning at Martini Town Event
Girl on step at Martini Town having photo taken on mobile phone by her friends

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