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“When I moved over to Ticket Tailor I had instant access to my money. And with their fees I’m saving thousands of pounds each year.”

Laura Ripley, Northern Frights, Aberdeen, UK

Northern Frights four people in costumes

From oil to frights: Laura's journey to horror event success with Ticket Tailor

From oil industry misery to horror event mastermind! Laura's 14-year journey led her from the depths of the oil industry to realising her dream of bringing spine-chilling horror events to the north of Scotland.

Having often found herself travelling to different cities and countries to experience horror and fantasy events, she knew it was time for change. Laura had already been running Northern Frights full time for two-years when we contacted her. The cost-saving made it a no-brainer for her to switch to Ticket Tailor. And her love for the service goes beyond cost-saving - embedding our platform into her website makes for a super-smooth customer journey, keeping her brand at the forefront. Our free check-in app makes managing attendees a breeze, and the instant access to her money is perfect for small businesses like hers.

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Northern Frights people in costumes
Northern Frights four people in costumes
Laura event creator at Northern Frights tshirt showing logo on back
performer on stage at northern frights
Laura ripley

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