Ethical ticket resale for events with Tixel

Take control of ticket resales for your event with this powerful platform that helps you manage secondary sales.

Ticket resale integration

Ticket Tailor x Tixel

Tixel allows ticket buyers to securely sell and buy their tickets, while giving event creators total control over how tickets to their event are resold. And their stats show that 90% of listed tickets sell in just 4 days. Our integration with Tixel uses our API to validate the ticket, cancel the initial ticket and resend the new one – meaning that any Ticket Tailor ticket sold on the Tixel marketplace will be 100% secure and will make sure that the buyer receives a valid ticket, every time.

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Get started with Tixel in just minutes

Ticket Tailor's integration with Tixel is seamless and takes all the stress out of managing your event's ticket resales. Putting you firmly back in control.

  • Create a Tixel account
  • Share API key
  • Add event details
  • Customise settings
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Why is Tixel good for events?

If event tickets are sold on the secondary market it can be bad for two key reasons:

  • Fake or scam tickets that leave ticket buyers upset and out of pocket
  • Scalping and unfairly high prices mean resellers are profiting off your event and charging unfair prices to your customers

Tixel's software prevents both of these situations by allowing event creators to cap resale prices and also cancelling and reissuing valid tickets when tickets are resold.

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