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10 Beautiful Squarespace templates for events

Squarespace has become one of the most widely respected publishing platforms around thanks to its sleek design principles and simple, intuitive process.

squarespace website template

Squarespace has become one of the most widely respected publishing platforms around thanks to its sleek design principles and simple, intuitive process. The creativity and innovation of the Squarespace team can be seen in everything from their easy-to-use logo maker to the robustness of the platform itself.

Event organisers looking to up their game with a beautiful website can choose from a wide range of stunning custom templates, ranging from single page portfolios to multi-layered themes offering flexibility and customisation.

Squarespace offers:

1. A wide selection of customisable free and paid templates tailored to specific industries

2. Loads of free and paid add-ons that have been pre-tested and offer additional site functionality

3. Reliable hosting and excellent customer support

Top tip: Ticket Tailor integrates with Squarespace, streamlining the process of selling tickets directly from your website.

The best Squarespace templates for event planners

Here’s what we think are the best templates for a range of different event-types right now:


squarespace website template


Carmine offers a bold, artistic pop of colour that feels reminiscent of the work of a future-focused design agency. Its aesthetic is dominated by the use of an oversized, chunky typeface, with plenty of space for striking imagery. We really like the custom ‘Schedule’ page template, which provides a clean, uncluttered space to list the key happenings at your event. A great website for digital marketing conferences, exhibitions and creative workshops alike.


squarespace website template


We love Ocotillo for its bold, industrial aesthetic. The site boasts a brave typeface set against a block-colour background, with a super simple design that somehow creates a loud, maximalist feel. Created specifically for music events, there are page templates for your line up, program, FAQs and tickets, allowing you to knock-up a seriously impressive, intuitive site in very little time. Nice.

Event Horizon

squarespace website template


Event Horizon is a great example of a spacious one-page portfolio. Everything is displayed on the front page, with a menu bar that will jump users to specific content. And there’s a section for sharing details of upcoming events, including the day and date, venue, location, and the ability to RSVP. Plus, additional pages can be added to share images and videos from past events.


squarespace website template


The Roseti template offers a range of beautiful pages with a warm and welcoming feel. Its simple homepage provides a clean, block-view section for upcoming events, and there’s also a separate event page template. Plus a striking, image-led blog template provides a space to beautifully display updates and interesting content – whether you’re running a gardening workshop, cooking class or something else.


squarespace website template


Aviator offers another great minimalist design, utilising a barely-there typeface and moody colours that would work as well for music events as inspiring talks. The template is geared up to host a menu – a great option for catered events – and has an integrated map page for location information.


squarespace website template


There’s something about the monochrome effect of this website that feels really refreshing for a fitness class business. While some workout brands are better suited to loud neons, others will prefer the clean modernity of this pared-back site, which has a simple black-and-white theme. There’s plenty of space for impactful imagery, and we love the block-image layout for showcasing classes. There are page templates for an about page, classes page, and contact page – perfect for individual fitness instructors and small businesses.


squarespace website template


Bailard is a multi-page template with a really pared-back aesthetic that lets powerful pictures do the talking. It includes templates for ‘What we do’ and ‘Projects’ pages, making it really easy to create a narrative around a good cause for charity or fundraiser events. It also has a template for a donation point and could be easily integrated with Ticket Tailor to sell tickets directly from the site too.


squarespace website template


ADV.SRY is another one-page events website for artists. The top menu lets you access different areas of the page, including an events section, where fans can view the dates and venues of different shows, buy tickets or RSVP. The template has a modern, characterful aesthetic with impressive parallax scrolling.


squarespace website template

Klipsan is an great template for those who run fitness classes or events. It’s got a big, bold feel with subtle animated detailing that makes the aesthetic more impressive. There are several pages to utilise, including a template for a ‘Schedule’ page where people can book their sessions.


squarespace website template


Om has a simple, open interface and a clean layout, perfect for professionals who organise seminars, workshops or retreats. The host can easily list different classes, indicating the date, time, and training content, and clients can then register and indicate when they’ll be available to attend.

Still not found the perfect template for your event? Head to Squarespace’s full selection to browse even more.

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