How To Sell Tickets Online To Your PTA Fundraiser

PTA online ticketing

For anyone involved in PTA fundraising, you'll know that it can time-consuming and frustrating getting your tickets sold. Why not take away the stress and sell your tickets with Ticket Tailor? Read our our 5-step guide below on how to easily sell tickets online for your PTA fundraising events.
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And now for our 5 step guide to selling tickets online for your PTA:

1. Register your event on Ticket Tailor

Firstly, you'll need to sign-up for a Ticket Tailor account. It's completely free and allows you to check-out everything that Ticket Tailor has to offer before you commit to being a paid member.

Sign-in to your account and you'll be shown the dashboard. You now need to create your event. Click on the events tab and then click "Add a new event". Start by adding the name, location, date and time of the event. You can also add extra information about your event in the description field and upload a picture. I’ve created an example event, which you can see in the screenshot below:

Set up PTA fundraiser event

Set up PTA fundraiser event

When you’ve done this, you can add a new type of ticket to be sold on your website. Click "Add a new ticket type". This will open-up a pop-up where you can set up details of your tickets. Add a name for your ticket, set a price for this ticket type and the quantity available.

When you’re happy, click "Save ticket".

Add Tickets to your event

Add Tickets to your event

You can add as many types of tickets as you want.

When you’re happy, click "Save event". It doesn't go live straight away and you can always come back and make changes.

Save Event

Save Event

From here, you’ll be taken to an event summary, providing details for your event and the "Event Link".

Click on the "Visit event page" button to see what your box office looks like.

Preview Event Link

Preview Event Link

Here’s what mine looks like:

PTA Box Office Preview

PTA Box Office Preview

You have the option to customise your box office with an image, school logo or school colours by going to Box Office Setup and then click on Customisation.

2. Create a PayPal or Stripe account and link it to Ticket Tailor to collect funds.

When you’re happy with your event details and box office design, the next step to add a method of payment.

In order to accept payments for your tickets you will need an account with Stripe or Paypal. Both systems are very easy to sign up to and allow you to collect payments from your customers via credit / debit cards. To help choose, please read our comparison.

When you’ve decided, click on the Box Office Setup tab again, then click on Payment systems. Choose either Stripe or PayPal and then click the connect button to link up your Ticket Tailor account.

Ticket Payments for PTA Event

Ticket Payments for PTA Event

3. How to send out a ticket link in an email or add it to your website/Facebook page

When you create a Ticket Tailor account, you get access to our user-friendly control panel. Once you've created an event and made it live, you will then get a live Box Office link, bespoke to you. You can then integrate this with your website or send the link to your existing email list.

Integrate with Your Website

An optional step to sell tickets online is to integrate your box office with your school/PTA website. To do this, click through to the event from your control panel, and then click on "Website embed codes" from the menu on the left.

PTA Ticket Widget

PTA Ticket Widget

From here, Ticket Tailor will automatically generate code that can be directly inserted into your website to embed your event ticket checkout.

We can provide you with HTML code that you can copy and paste. Or, if you use WordPress, you can install the Ticket Tailor WordPress plugin and use this to embed your widget.


If you have a Facebook page for your event, we can turn your page into a Box Office too with our easy to use Facebook app. Parents access your Facebook page, click on the event and they can buy tickets there and then. See how easy it is to integrate your Facebook page with Ticket Tailor:

4. How people buy tickets and what they receive.

Parents and family members wanting to attend the fundraiser will access your box office page via a link sent by you, or via your Facebook page or even your website. They can pay by credit or debit card securely, via Stripe or PayPal, whichever method you've decided on.

You decide whether to charge a booking fee. If you do, make sure it covers our small fee, although please note that PayPal or Stripe will charge a small transaction fee.

Once a ticket has been bought, we will automatically email your customer with an e-ticket. The digital ticket contains a bar-code, essential event information and order details. You can customise the ticket to contain any information that you like.

5. How to check-in attendees at the event.

The day of the fundraiser has arrived, but just how do you check-in the attendees? It's easy. The options are detailed below, and all can be accessed from your control panel by clicking in to your event, and clicking on the "Attendee check-in" option on the left-hand side.

  • You can create an easy-print doorlist. Simply print it and then cross people off as they arrive.

  • Use our Android or iPhone app. Download the app from the app store and download your event data to your device. It even works offline if you don't have an internet connection. You can check people in by searching for their names or by scanning the bar-code on their ticket.

  • Use a desktop computer. Use the Ticket Tailor desktop app to check people in. It works offline too and you can search for people's details.

That's all there is to it, but we are here to help!

We are always on hand to help so if you get stuck you can:

  • check out our PTA blog

  • visit our PTA resource centre

  • check out our help and support guides or

  • send us an email to or

  • click the ? button in the bottom corner of your control panel.

Tanja CSA

Tanja CSA

"Ticket Tailor makes it quick and easy to sell tickets online. The customer service is great, they don't take a cut on each transaction, and there's 30% off their monthly plans for charities. All round a great service for PTA events."

Tanja Kent, Collis Primary School PTA

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