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10 Ticket Tailor features you need to know about in 2023

We've pulled together a list of our 10 most popular features that'll help you make the most of our platform this year.

2023 is in full swing, and as we welcome back many new and existing event organisers, we want to make sure that your ticketing process is as smooth as possible with Ticket Tailor. And what better way to do that than by making sure you're using the best tools at your disposal?

You might be thinking: “I’m not a tech-savvy person.”, or maybe you simply can’t keep up with our feature releases and want a quick refresh of what’s new.

That's why we've pulled together a list of our 10 most popular features that'll help you make the most of our platform this year. They're guaranteed to save you time and money – and who doesn't want that?

So, here goes.

Time-saving features:

  1. Transfer orders easily. Have you ever booked event tickets yourself, only to realise the date clashes with other plans? It happens. So we’ve made it easy for you, the event organiser, to transfer an order to another occurrence in your event series with one click. So easy you could (probably) do it one-handed up a ladder!
    Learn more about order transfers.
  2. Make use of Broadcasts for important email updates. Need to contact your event-attendees with an event-specific announcement? You can do exactly that with our Broadcasts tool. 
    Find out how to set up Broadcasts.
  3. Auto-fill buyer details for quicker checkout with Stripe Link. Stripe Link is automatically applied to all accounts using Stripe as their payment processor. It allows people who make purchases using Stripe to save their details for faster checkout. This means when they’re buying your event tickets their payment info will auto-fill, creating a fast, seamless and secure checkout experience. A whopping 9x faster than non-Link customers to be exact!
    See how Stripe Link makes a difference.

Revenue-boosting features: 

  1. Start selling Products (previously known as Add-ons). Whether it’s branded merch, or an exclusive experience, start to upsell products to your ticket-buyers and the benefits are endless - in fact, here’s 5 reasons why you should be selling Products.
    How to sell products.
  2. Create discount codes. Discount codes can be a great incentive for ticket-buyers, whether it’s an early bird discount, or special offer for families, the opportunities are endless.
    Watch our tutorial on creating and tracking discount codes.
  3. Refund to a voucher. If you need to cancel a reservation, you now have the added option to issue a total refund as a voucher for your future events. This is a great option to help secure future business, and protect cash flow.
    Learn how to refund as a voucher.
  4. Set up Stripe Terminal. If your goal is to sell more tickets in 2023, you might want to consider taking payments on the door, to help combat the trend of event-goers leaving it to the last minute. With Stripe Terminal you can do just that (and it links seamlessly with your Ticket Tailor box office!).
    Set up Stripe Terminal.

Smooooth-experience features:

  1. Build an event website for free with Flyah. Last year we launched our very own website builder tool: Flyah! It’s a simple event-focussed alternative to the likes of Squarespace or WordPress. It syncs perfectly with your Ticket Tailor box office, allows for custom domains, and you can quickly add beautiful content modules, like an image gallery, artist line-up or list of live events.
    Read more about Flyah on our blog.
  2. Start using QR codes to promote your events. Want a way for event-goers to easily find and buy tickets? You can now generate QR codes in your Ticket Tailor box office and add them to your promo materials. If you need more proof that QR codes are the way forward: In 2022 alone, dynamic QR codes were scanned a total of 6.8 million times around the world – that’s a 433% increase from the 2021 figures! 
    Start using QR codes.
  3. Offer a buy now pay later option with PayPal Pay Later. Buy now pay later is increasingly popular, particularly with Gen-Z. So, adding PayPal Pay Later to your account settings could be a fruitful move. 
    Get the lowdown on PayPal Pay Later.

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