Help ticket buyers find your event faster with what3words


Whether you are planning a huge festival at a remote campsite or a small painting workshop in your village hall, we know that your attendees might struggle to find you on event day.

That’s why we’re recommending what3words

Who are what3words? 

If you don’t know them, what3words has given every 3 metre square in the world a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. It's the easiest way for attendees to find precise event locations.

Lots of events have started using what3words to improve the event experience. We’ve listed 3 ways (see what we did there?), that we think what3words locations could help you plan your event: 

  1. Direct your attendees to your check-in gate 

    If your event has a specific check-in gate, or your event entrance is hard to find, you can direct your ticket buyers to a specific event entrance by sending them the what3words location. This stops ticket buyers from getting lost, and missing some of your event! 

    If your event has multiple check-in locations, you could even name your Tazotix check-in app devices with your what3words location to easily track where people checked in. 

  2. Highlight where to find your speakers or attractions

    We know that a lot of events hosted on Ticket Tailor have lots of attractions on one site. Using what3words on your attraction map can help people navigate around your event more easily. For example, helping kids find their favourite animal at your adventure farm, or showing the emergency exit route away from a Halloween ghost walk!

  3. Make set up easier 

    When you’re getting ready for your event, you might need specific items, or people, to arrive at different places. For example, if you’re organising a food festival, sending each food truck a what3words address for its exact trading spot would allow people to pitch up easily before they start turning on their grills. 

If you want to get started for free with what3words, you can find your locations easily on their online map or via the what3words app

You can use the format what3words location: ///filled.count.soap to add your three words into your existing Ticket Tailor event location or description.

If you have any questions or want to share cool ways you’ve used what3words for your event, get in touch with us at