Adding manual orders just got easier!

Operator order update (1).png

We have made it more obvious which events you are selling tickets for when you ‘add a new order’ so that it is easier to update your orders with in-person and over-the-phone ticket sales. 

We know that as a busy event organiser, you’re often spinning lots of plates at the same time! 

Some of you told us that when you have a lot of events listed on Ticket Tailor, it’s easy to accidentally book someone onto a draft event if you’re taking a quick order over the phone. 

We’ve improved that by updating your order page.

Draft events are greyed out, so your live events are more obvious when adding new orders. 

This is just one small request we worked on to help us on our mission to become the best online ticketing platform - if you have any more ideas about how we can make selling tickets online even easier, let us know at