You can now add an expiry date to your discount codes

Promo code update

After listening to your requests, we’ve added the option to expire a discount code. 

This gives you more flexibility and control over your promotions and marketing, and you don’t need to log back into Ticket Tailor to expire your discount code when you’ve sold enough tickets. 

Discount codes can be found in the ‘Promote’ section of your dashboard, under ‘Promo codes’. When you create your discount code, select the option for your code to ‘Expire at a set date and time’ if you want to specify a date and time from when ticket buyers will no longer be able to use the code. 

Check out our help article for a step by step guide to setting up discount codes.

Here are some great ideas for when to use a timed promotion: 

  • A 50% off Valentine’s day discount that expires on the 14th of February. 

  • A 70% off ‘Early bird’ discount that expires three days after advertising your event. 

  • A 10% off discount for the last remaining tickets, which expires one hour before your event. 

  • A low season family discount that expires before half term.