Improved timeslot reporting with Ticket Tailor

Understanding your ticket sales is crucial to running successful events. When you’re selling tickets online to an event across multiple days and times, it can be tricky to keep track of which slots are selling well and which are flopping. So, we’ve made a number of improvements to our timeslot reporting to give you a better overview of exactly that.

Unlock operational efficiencies, maximise marketing opportunities, and minimise errors

Our new timeslot reporting gives you a quick breakdown of ticket sales across all your event occurrences to easily spot which ones are selling fast – this will help you:

  • Determine the right level of staffing needed from day to day and hour to hour

  • Plan ahead and order stock to meet demand for refreshments, merchandise and other products you sell

  • Target your marketing and advertising where it’s needed to maximise sales

  • Add additional timeslots or dates if you have the capacity, or even remove unpopular times, as you have the data to support decision making

  • Check your event setup before publishing, and easily spot any incorrectly allocated tickets or missing timeslots.

Go you!

At the moment, our timeslot reporting is a prototype feature (which means it’s a work in progress), so it may not yet have all the bells and whistles you might expect. But we’d love your feedback as we develop it, so please do get in touch with any feedback by emailing or via the online chat.

Need help setting up recurring events with timeslots? See our help centre.