We’ve renamed Add-ons to Products (and you’ll want to know why)

629 of you have sold Add-ons since launch

Since launching Add-ons back in July, they’ve been hugely popular. Over 600 event creators have sold a whopping 20,455 add-ons, from merchandise to experiences.

But we wanted to make things even better

There was one problem you faced: event-goers couldn’t purchase your items without buying a ticket, which potentially restricts your revenue. And we wanted to change that.

So, thanks to the hard work of Audrius, Vito and Bruno, we’re in the process of making it possible for you to sell these items whether or not you’re currently running an event. But in doing this it made sense to rename Add-ons to Products. You’ll already see this change reflected in your dashboard. But don’t worry, everything you could do before is still possible, and you don’t have to change the way you sell your merch, or have a Store, if everything is tickety-boo.

And the exciting bit? Once this new Store is up and running, not only will you be able to sell Products outside of events, you’ll soon be able to sell gift vouchers, season passes and so much more!

Why sell Products?

  • It’s easier than ever. You’re no longer limited to selling things like merch, gift vouchers, and digital downloads only as upsell. This means you can sell Products all year round, whether you have a live event or not. It’s a win-win.

  • You can drive more revenue upfront. Managing cash flow can be tricky in the lead up to events. With Ticket Tailor you’re paid instantly when tickets are sold. But imagine how much revenue you could earn by selling Products in advance too.

  • Boost brand awareness. If your audience can purchase your Products before, during and after events, it’s likely to boost your brand awareness and brand loyalty, as fans will be able to engage with you more often.

  • Streamline purchasing and improve everyone’s experience. Nobody wants to spend the duration of a gig standing in line at the bar, or even worse getting to the front of a stand only to find out the item they wanted has sold out. By selling Products in advance you can guarantee customer satisfaction and make sure attendees have the best possible experience. And better yet, they can now buy merchandise after the event too!

  • Gain insights and learn more about your audience. Once you start selling Products, you’ll quickly understand which are the best-sellers, and which items aren’t as popular. This can help with stock management, particularly in the lead up to events, as you’ll have an idea of what items will sell best. You can also use these learnings to expand your range, or even discontinue Products.    

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