Sell bundles’ more tickets with ticket bundles!

As an experienced Event Prof. you know that it’s not just the tickets you sell, but the way that you sell them that matters. 

Easy and effective marketing tools can really boost your sales figures - and using our new ‘ticket bundles’ for your event is an easy way to set up promotions on combinations of different ticket types. 

Bundles allow you to specify a price for a combination of tickets bought together. For example, I might be putting on a dog show, where I want to sell family tickets for a discounted price, or I might run an outdoor cinema bundling up 2 tickets, 1 popcorn bucket and a large drink. 

Some examples of where we think bundles could be useful: 

  • Selling family tickets e.g. 2 adults and 2 children for a discounted price 

  • Selling weekend tickets for a festival e.g. Saturday and Sunday entry 

  • Selling bundles of visible and hidden tickets to make sure that a dog ticket must be bought with an owner ticket

  • …we’re sure you’ll find many more great uses for bundles!