Our latest product improvements: API endpoints, basket timeout speeds, and so much more

We focus on providing an event ticketing platform that’s so easy to use, it’s forgettable. To do this, our team always looks for simplicity in everything we do. And we’re driven by your feedback to make sure that Ticket Tailor is the best online ticketing service out there (or at least we’d like to think so based on your reviews!).

It’s been a busy few week’s here at Ticket Tailor HQ, and our engineers have been working away behind the scenes on a bunch of improvements. We hope they’ll make your experience of selling tickets online that bit better.

  1. We’ve added six new endpoints to our API, allowing for even deeper integrations

    If you head over to our developer API docs you’ll notice that we’ve added a lot recently. You can now issue tickets, void tickets, manage voucher codes and discount codes using the API. This opens up a lot of possibilities such as automatically creating tickets for everyone in your CRM, or creating a unique voucher code for them. You can also update orders via the API and soon you’ll be able to manage check-ins and update events.

    When creating API keys, it’s now possible to limit key access to certain functionality just like you can when creating team members. There’s also a setting to hide personal data, to avoid oversharing when it’s not necessary.

  2. You now have the ability to edit basket timeout speeds

    Depending on the popularity of your event, you may want to change the amount of time a ticket can be held in your customer's basket while they fill out the checkout form and pay.

    To edit your basket timeout speed (away from the default setting), log in to your Ticket Tailor box office, click ‘Settings’ in the top purple bar, then ‘Basic settings’. Read our help article for more information on basket timeout speeds.

  3. The checked-in status has been added to the doorlist export

    Meaning doorlists will reflect the most up-to-date changes, and you can export lists mid-way-through checking people in without confusion.

  4. Checkout now accepts first and last names separately

    This makes ordering in exports easier. Plus, rich text editor for broadcasts and order confirmations have first and last name placeholders. Put simply, you can now send a broadcast to ‘Olivia’, not to ‘Olivia Parker’, which is much more friendly.

  5. We’ve added Google Analytics 4 integration to improve cross domain tracking

  6. Your check-in app performance has been improved

    If you hold particularly large events or have hundreds of occurrences, you’ll notice with the latest update that your check-in app TazoTix has had a number of improvements. From increasing the frequency and efficiency of syncs (helping speed up check-ins), to fixing visual issues for devices with a notch, as well as making it better for offline users – we hope you love the changes.

Your feedback matters. If you have suggestions on how we can improve your experience with Ticket Tailor, please drop us a line on hi@tickettailor.com.