How to set your event capacity across multiple ticket types with Ticket Tailor

Have you ever run an event with multiple ticket types, and found yourself struggling to shift the last few? Or perhaps a single ticket type is oversubscribed, and another is proving unpopular. We’ve got a solution for that.

When creating your events, you can now set an overall event capacity: that’s the maximum quantity of tickets that can be sold across all ticket types. For example, you could decide to sell 500 tickets in total, and offer general admission tickets, student tickets, and VIP tickets. This new feature allows you to sell any combination of these ticket types, without going over your maximum capacity of 500! 

While this feature can help you to sell-out events, just make sure you can actually fulfil all eventualities! For example, if you sold all 500 tickets at a discounted student price, will you still break even? Or if you sell all 500 as VIP tickets, do you have all the other elements to deliver 500 VIP experiences!

Since launching this new feature this month, we’ve already had 219 box offices set a capacity limit across 293 events and counting. Find out how you can set your capacity limit over in our help centre.