Set up gift-cards, memberships and more by adding partial redemption to your voucher codes

Voucher codes with partial redemption

Customers who want to buy vouchers from you are your biggest fans! 

We’ve just added the option to allow voucher codes to be partially redeemed. This means you can choose if you’d like vouchers to be redeemed once only, or redeemed across multiple orders. 

Maybe they’re sharing their love of your event with friends and family as gifts, or perhaps they want to visit your attraction, again and again, using season tickets. Whatever your event, we know that using voucher codes is a marketing win-win: more revenue for you plus more ways to delight your customers! 

Why have we launched partial redemption?

Partial redemption can allow you to have much more control over your marketing and events, allowing you a lot more flexibility with your sales. 

Here are some examples of how you could use it:

  • Make partial redemption work for you by issuing a voucher code that is equivalent to a certain number of tickets. You could sell this as a membership or season ticket, and let your customers book on to your events throughout the year. For example, if I was selling weekly dance classes for 4 weeks, at £20 per class, I might sell a monthly membership voucher worth £100 for £75 as an incentive to pay in advance. You can even choose which events it is redeemable against.

  • Capitalise on the festive season by selling gift cards. If the recipients have been totally spoiled, they will be able to book even more of your events!  

  • Be flexible: allowing your most loyal customers to spend vouchers how they like will show that you love them as much as they love you. 

We know you’ll be totally inspired by the new possibilities for promotions that partial redemption offers, so get promoting!