Give your super fans what they want, all year round… in your brand-new Store!

After you've run some sell-out events and have built a loyal following, you might want to boost your revenue and brand awareness by selling merch and non-ticket Products independent of your live event. You now can!

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to sell your Products in your brand-new online Store. Your Store lets you sell your Products without the need to link them to a live event, allowing you to earn more £££ all year round.

Don’t worry, we don’t charge rent! Every Box office automatically gets a Product Store, which you can choose to use or not. 

What can I sell in my store? 

  • Event Merchandise

  • Digital goods

  • Soon… Memberships, Season Passes and Gift vouchers! Stay tuned for more 👀

What will the store look like? 

Our store feature is simple by design. A simple store, with a simple way to simply sell your event goods, even when you aren’t running an event. 

Is it as simple to set up? 

Easy peasy. Three clicks and you’re done! 

  1. Create Product

  2. Click to sell via Store

  3. Ready to sell! 

How do I share my Store with my buyers?

  • Create a unique link to share the Store with your fans!

  • Share from a button directly in your Box Office 

Find a step-by-step tutorial in our help centre article.

Any more questions, reach out to our support team at

Happy selling!