Ticket Tailor launches Flyah: a free website builder tool specifically for event creators

Ticket Tailor, the online event ticketing platform for event creators, announces the launch of Flyah. Flyah is a free website builder tool built solely for events. The simple drag and drop tool, allows users to build beautiful, mobile responsive event websites in minutes, not hours.

When event creators begin the journey of creating their experiences, a website can often be their first port of call in turning the idea into reality. However, before they even get started, they face an overwhelming choice of expensive and overly complex website builder tools. That’s before they have worked out which ticketing platform to use and whether or not both products will work seamlessly together.

Flyah solves this by stripping the website building experience back to the core features and working seamlessly with events live on Ticket Tailor.

Flyah has everything you need to create an event website

For over a decade Ticket Tailor has helped events sell 10s of millions of tickets online, working with over 80,000 event creators. This experience has given Ticket Tailor a unique insight into what the perfect event website looks like and how to build it. All these insights have been used to build the perfect website builder tool for events: Flyah.

Here is a snapshot of the key content blocks and features that Flyah offers:

  • Banner image and text blocks: the basics for any website are covered with these simple modules - complete with useful SEO features like ALT tags and H1

  • Gallery block: it goes without saying that you’ll want to showcase past events and give customers a sense of what your event is all about

  • Video block: embed the trailer for your event with a few simple clicks

  • Lineup block: add photos, info and URLs of your lineup/speakers to get your ticket buyers excited about your event

  • Buy ticket block: add your Ticket Tailor event URL to this block and your tickets will appear in a tidy pop-up module where ticket buyers can check-out directly from your new site

  • Event list block: if you have a series of events then you can add your Ticket Tailor listings URL to automatically create a list of your upcoming events

  • Custom domains: having an easily shareable and recognisable domain is crucial for allowing ticket buyers to find your event quickly, Flyah makes it easy to connect your new site to your custom domain

  • Custom colours and styling: add your brand colours to make the site instantly recognisable to your customers

  • Analytics and tracking: Google Analytics, Webmasster and Facebook Pixel IDs - you name it Flyah tracks it!

Something missing? Why not create a Flyah account for free and see if it’s already there.

Why has Ticket Tailor built Flyah and offered it to users for free?

We can hear you: “What’s the catch? It can’t actually be free!”.

No catch. Flyah is a truly free tool to help you build your event website. No setup costs, no hidden features, no monthly charges.

Jonny White, Ticket Tailor’s founder, explains more “Our mission at Ticket Tailor is to empower a range of event creators to run successful events. We’ve heard from our users that one of the big huddles at the start of launching events is creating a permanent online home for their experiences. This gave us the idea to create a tool that totally simplifies that experience, similar to how Ticket Tailor does for the selling of tickets. We hope that Flyah supports our community and enables more event creators, to be more successful!”.

How does Flyah compare to alternative website builder tools?

We know that there is no shortage of website builder tools out there in the world. Flyah’s unique offer is that it’s built specifically for events (oh, and it’s free). So let’s take a look at what Flyah offers compared to the most common alternatives that event organisers currently use:

  • Quicker than Squarespace or WordPress– website builder tools are super powerful, but they can be daunting, complex and take a long time to perfect. Flyah simplifies everything for exactly what an event website requires.

  • More features than a Linktree – there comes a time when you need more than a tool like Linktree for your events. And when that time comes, Flyah is the ideal next step, with features like image galleries and event listing modules ready and waiting.

  • All yours unlike a Facebook Group – social media is a great place to grow your following and build community, but at some stage, you'll want a place that feels like the digital home to your events. Flyah is the easiest way to make that place a reality.

In need of some inspiration?

Sometimes it’s handy to have some inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing. So to get you started we’ve created a few demo sites to give you an idea of what your website could look like with a little help from Flyah.

Start creating your event website today

Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to Flyah.co and see how easy it is to create a new website for your event.

Please note that Flyah is being supported by a dedicated team so if you do have questions please email hi@flyah.co.

We can't wait to see your websites come to life!