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How to get the most out of video marketing as an event creator

We’ve sifted through the latest video marketing trends, and have put together a targeted list of actions you can take to use video marketing to your advantage as an event organiser.

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Most of us are familiar, by now, with both the power and usefulness of great video. Whether it’s a YouTube tutorial, hilarious TikTok clip, or live product review – there’s no denying we lean on this medium for a multitude of purposes each and every day.

So – how does that translate to you, an event creator looking for greater success? The topic of video marketing can get pretty overwhelming, with reams of information offering up a plethora of techniques, stats, and do’s & don’ts. 

Enter: this quick guide, tailored specifically towards event creators. (And the best bit, you don't need expensive equipment or tons of video experience to get started.)

We’ve sifted through the latest video marketing trends, and have put together a targeted list of actions you can take to use video marketing to your advantage as an event organiser. There’s no better time to get familiar with this topic – as video is set to be one of the key marketing trends for 2024.

Keep reading for our top tips on mastering video marketing for your events 👀👇.

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Master short-form video

It’s the general consensus among marketers that people’s attention spans are getting shorter. In fact, one Wired article cited research carried out by TikTok that revealed, “Nearly 50 percent of users surveyed by TikTok said videos longer than a minute long were stressful; a third of users watched videos online at double speed.” 

While it’s important to take stats like these with a pinch of salt (there’s definitely still a place for longer-form video in the world of marketing – more on this below) – they do help to illustrate the power of short-form video. Or, more importantly, the appetite for it. 

With this in mind, there’s no better time to start experimenting with videos that are around 15-30 seconds in length. That might be a super-quick-fire interview with your headliner. Or a concise and punchy ‘how-to’ video that explains a quick hack in a matter of seconds. There are tons of opportunities here – and playing around with how you can make an impact in such a short space of time can end up being really fun.

Here’s what our very own Head of Marketing, Olivia Parker, has to say on this topic:

“Video has always been an effective tool for storytelling, and is a great way to authentically get a lot of messages across to your audience. In recent years, there’s been an explosion in short-form video content, thanks to the likes of social media giants Meta and TikTok. 

These new channels, coupled with the ability to quickly and easily create video content on our mobile phones, has meant the space is more crowded than ever and we’re all competing for viewers' attention. 

Given our attention span has shortened over this time, I think it’s more important than ever to focus on creating a good ‘hook’ for the start of your videos, i.e. capture their attention in the first 3-4 seconds of a video, whether that’s by highlighting a pain-point you can solve, sharing the solution at the start, or even shocking your audience (within reason!).” 

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Grow your TikTok community

We’ve seen some brilliant success stories of Ticket Tailor users harnessing the power of TikTok to grow their event communities. This is because this platform lends itself really well to not just pushing out great video content – but starting, and maintaining a conversation with followers, too.

If you’ve ever been to the comments section on an online video – you’ll know what we mean. Debates are started. Support is given. Questions are answered. And, most importantly, whoever posted the content is able to interact on a really personal level with their followers.

To give this a go yourself, try producing some simple, educational content for your channel, and then make sure you’re super responsive to any comments you get. The best bit here is that your videos can be as pared back as you want them to, requiring very few bells-and-whistles. A simple talking head shot of you sharing some invaluable industry advice could be really powerful when it comes to connecting with your audience.

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Pure Land Farm’s TikTok channel provides a great example of how effective this technique can be. The owners of this farm share regular how-to content, and are really active in their comments section helping build up a loyal community around their brand and events.

It’s worth noting you can also achieve success on TikTok without being really active in the comments section, too. Posting artfully edited, visually appealing clips can be a great way to do this – check out Taste Film’s TikTok channel, for an example. These guys have accrued a huge 113.9K followers with their irresistible collection of stylish, film-themed foodie content.

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Use video to improve your website SEO

If you have a website, or even just a box office page, using video can be an effective way to boost a web page’s SEO. 

(SEO is ‘search engine optimisation’ and refers to a range of techniques that can be used on a website to help it show up higher in search engine results pages!)

The reason video can help boost a web page’s SEO is because, when a search engine like Google sees that video has been used on a website, it sees this as an indicator of quality content. The higher quality the content is on a website, the more likely that site is to show up higher in search engine results pages. Nice! 

Why not try creating a cool highlight reel (more on this below!) for your website and embedding it on your homepage to give it a more dynamic, interesting feel?

Check out the website of Berlin’s Dark Matter – “a multidimensional parallel world of light, space and sound” –  for a great example of how video can be used to make a homepage seriously impactful. In this case, by instantly drawing the user into an otherworldly experience as soon as they land on the website.

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Create impressive highlight reels of your past events

Nothing quite fuels the imagination and inspires people to attend an event like a great highlight reel. When people witness the awesomeness of an event in video form – with lots of shots of people having a brilliant time set to emotive music – they get a real feel for what the event’s all about. What’s more, they get inspired to attend themselves! 

It’s worth looking into hiring a videographer to create your highlight reels – as, unlike casual TikTok and Instagram content, this type of video can benefit from a slick, professional feel. That is, unless you’re a dab hand at filming and editing yourself!

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Create attendee testimonial videos

Filming testimonials is another great way to harness the medium of video. This could be as simple as interviewing attendees during an event – see an example of how Scarecity do this here. Or, you could arrange a more formal interview to take place after an event. For the latter, you may need to incentivise the attendee to take part – say, by offering them free tickets to your next event. 

Using video as an event creator – closing thoughts

There are so many ways you can use video to your advantage as an event creator. Especially given the fact you’ve likely got great material at your fingertips, whether that’s for inspirational highlight reels or educational content. If you’ve got the budget to hire a pro, you could create some impressive video material for your website, socials and other marketing channels. But there’s power to be found in no-frills videos, too – like simple help content for your TikTok or Instagram following. Ultimately, using video to market your events and grow your brand can be really exciting – and there’s a huge amount of opportunity here. 

The key is to get stuck in and start giving things a go. Once you get creating, you’ll likely be amazed at how much video can be used to your advantage – and how much fun you have with it, too.

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