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How your event ticket sales are supporting healthy oceans

We’re proud to support the Ocean Conservation Trust’s new Blue Meadows project, which focuses on a holistic approach to protect and restore the UK’s seagrass meadows for the health of our oceans and beyond. Find out how every ticket sold through Ticket Tailor makes a difference and why seagrass could be a game-changer in tackling the climate crisis.

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We know we can’t tackle all the threats to our planet on our own. And we’re certainly not climate experts. But we are committed to growing our business better (not just bigger), so that every event ticket sold has a positive impact on the people and planet around us. 

Our promise to the planet

Back in December 2021 we made a promise to the planet to donate 1 pence (1.32c) for every single ticket you sell with Ticket Tailor. This fund is then split equally between three carefully-chosen climate charities spanning land and sea: the Ocean Conservation Trust, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, and Rainforest Foundation UK. And we’re excited to tell you all about a brand new project that you’re helping to make a reality: Blue Meadows.

So, what does seagrass have to do with it?

Ever heard of seagrass? Don’t worry, we hadn’t either, until we partnered with the Ocean Conservation Trust last year. They told us it’s a haven for biodiversity (a single hectare is home to 80,000 animals), helps protect our coastline from erosion, and is a carbon store for the future. In fact, this king of the ocean outperforms other plants, absorbing carbon up to 35 times more efficiently than tropical rainforests! Impressive.

The Ocean Conservation Trust are dedicated to protecting and restoring this small but mighty powerhouse for the health of our oceans and planet. So much so that they’ve launched their brand-new Blue Meadows project in time for World Oceans Day, aiming to protect 10% of all UK seagrass over the next five years.  At the moment, it’s mostly under threat from avoidable human activity – and we’re currently losing 500 hectares every year! Or 500 football pitches’ worth of rich habitat, to you and me. So it’s more important than ever to take action.

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How are we helping?

So far, we’ve given £28,333 and counting to this important project taking place right here on our south-west shores, all thanks to your help. And in September, the Ticket Tailor team will be heading down to Plymouth for a volunteering-day with the Ocean Conservation Trust, where we’ll be able to see first-hand the impact of your donations. 

Find out more and protect a meadow today by visiting 

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