It’s app’ening – we’ve just launched our new & improved check-in app!

Download the new Ticket Tailor check-in app for seamless event registration and ticketing

It’s out with the old and in with the new today, as we launch our snazzy new check-in app – woohoo! 🎉 

For those seasoned Ticket Tailor’ers who’ve been using our Tazotix check-in app – think of this like a slicker, better looking version with a whole set of new and improved functionalities. (And a new name, too – you’ll need to search for ‘Ticket Tailor’ on the App Store or Google Play, rather than ‘Tazotix’.)

What’s new? 

🦖 Better performance – our old app has been around for a while and is a bit outdated. With the new Ticket Tailor check-in app, we’ve updated the behind-the-scenes software that will make check-in sync a lot smoother at the door.

💫 Check-in membership tickets – our new app supports our Memberships feature, which Tazotix doesn’t. 

⚡ See when you’re online and syncing – we’ve implemented a new status bar, so it’s clearer when your app is online and syncing with the dashboard, versus when it’s running offline and will need to go online to sync.

🔐 Added privacy – you’ll have the ability to hide sensitive data like ticket count and personal info.

Quick recap – what you can do with our check-in app

Here’s a quick recap of our check-in app’s handy features: 

  • Check in attendees by scanning their tickets, searching for personal details, or selecting from a door list.

  • Keep track of event check-in progress with overview stats.

  • Easily filter your door list by ticket type and sort by first name or last name.

  • Use the app both online and offline in case you have bad or no internet connection at your event.

  • Automatic synchronisation allows you to check in tickets on multiple devices at once to speed up door entry.

  • Download multiple events (or time slots) to the app and switch between them easily.

  • Create multiple user profiles to track check-ins by staff members and easily revoke their access after the event.

Where can I download the new Ticket Tailor check-in app?

Simply head to the App Store or Google Play store on your check-in devices to download the new app.

If you already use Tazotix, your Tazotix login details will work for the new Ticket Tailor check-in app – so transitioning should be pretty seamless!

Does this mean the Tazotix app won’t work anymore?

Don’t do well with change? (We get it!) No worries – you’re fine to keep using Tazotix for now. If you’re already using it for current events, you can keep on doing so as usual. Having said that, we’d definitely recommend heading over to the new Ticket Tailor check-in app soon, as it’s easier to use and has some great new features. And we will no longer be making any updates to Tazotix as we phase it out.

That’s all for now! If you’ve got any questions about our new app, feel free to get in touch by messaging us on our website chat or sending an email to