Team WFH ideas: #1 The Online Scavenger Hunt!

We’re fortunate at Ticket Tailor in that our Head of Operations, Emily Coddington, joined us from a company that was entirely remote (even in normal times!). So when the “C-word” sent us into lockdown, we had our in-house expert on hand to teach us a thing or two about how it’s done.

We quickly learnt that there are a few key things into successfully working from home and surviving isolation:

  1. Employee well-being and mental health

  2. Ability to perform our jobs well and work efficiently

  3. Remaining a close team and keeping morale up

Much has been written about 1 and 2 - and rightly so - but here’s a little idea to give you a helping hand with number 3.

Introducing: The Online Scavenger Hunt
The premise is relatively simple and much like offline(?) scavenger hunts. One member of your team (i.e. your team’s Emily) is tasked with thinking of 10 things for those on the call to find around their house, dress themselves in, or create during the hunt. Here’s some ideas:

  • Find the weirdest food item you have in your house

  • Find a living thing

  • Draw a farm

  • Find the oldest photo of you

  • Play an instrument

  • Put on four jumpers

  • You get the idea…..

Scoring is simple. Points for the fastest person and bonus points for most unique/amusing solutions to the challenges.

The practicalities

  • We used a Zoom call which worked really well (did we mention you can use Zoom with Ticket Tailor via our Zapier integration?)

  • Emily created a Google sheets to list all the challenges and keep track of the scores. Pro tip: when you start sharing your screen change the fonts to white so they are all hidden, and then turn back to black once that round comes around.

  • All in all it only took around 30 minutes so it doesn’t take up too much time and allows plenty of opportunity to get back to work/watching Tiger King (depending on whether it’s an evening or day time activity obviously!)

The important part: capture the embarrassing screen grabs!

scavenger hunt.png

Have fun! We’d love to see your photos or ideas of keeping morale up during these tricky times! Reach out at