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Our 2022 Q1 giving summary: £38,769 donated

At Ticket Tailor we are driven by this motto: Growth on Purpose.

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At Ticket Tailor we are driven by this motto: Growth on Purpose. That means all our efforts to reach new event organisers and to sell tickets are about more than just growing for the sake of it. It’s about the bigger picture.

In practice this means:

  1. Ensuring that our users get a better experience and continue to have the lowest fees in the industry.
  2. Continuing to improve Ticket Tailor as a workplace – so our employees lives are enriched, both in and outside of their jobs.
  3. And finally, we want to use the growth of our business to positively impact the planet that we live on.

As we announced last year, one of the key ways we are having an impact on improving the beautiful planet we find ourselves living on is by donating 1p (1.3c) per ticket sold to climate charities. Last year we sold 6.6m tickets, which meant we donated £66,000 ($87,000 USD) to our three charity partners.

Going forwards we will be making these donations quarterly, meaning our charities can benefit from our donations throughout the year.

Q1 Giving Summary

In Q1 of 2022 we sold 1.9m tickets which means we will be donating £19,000 ($24,700 USD) to our three climate charities; Rainforest Foundation UK, Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The Ocean Conservation Trust.

Also, given the horrific crisis we are witnessing in Ukraine, we wanted to respond financially as a company to help with relief efforts in the region. Therefore, we have doubled our donation for the quarter and donated an additional £19,000 ($24,700 USD) to The DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. We have seen from the number of Ukraine fundraiser events that this situation is something that our event organisers care deeply about and we are proud to stand alongside you in doing what we can to support those now in dire need of our help.

How our charity partners are using our donations

The Ocean Conservation Trust

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Q1 Ticket Tailor Donation:
£6,333 ($8,240 USD)


The Ocean is the foundation of all life, an extraordinary and largely unexplored place that is teeming with fascinatingly diverse plants and animals. Together with currents and natural systems, they shape our planet. As a global Ocean conservation charity, OCT are acting now towards a vision of a healthy Ocean.

What our donation means:

We are proud to be partnered with Ticket Tailor who are helping us work towards our vision of a healthier Ocean. With Ticket Tailor’s support, not only have we been able to improve the way people sign up to our beach clean and beach explorer events, but we have also used their generous donation to continue delivering vitally important work protecting and restoring seagrass beds, one of the most valuable ecosystems on our planet.”

The Rainforest Foundation UK

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Q1 Ticket Tailor Donation:
£6,333 ($8,240 USD)


RFUK tackles deforestation locally and globally. Locally, they help forest communities to gain land rights, challenge logging companies, manage their forests and protect their environment. Globally, they campaign to influence national and international laws to protect rainforests and their inhabitants. Since their inception, the Rainforest Foundation has helped indigenous communities and local communities to protect more than 12 million hectares of rainforest.

What our donation means:

“Kind support from Ticket Tailor has allowed Rainforest Foundation UK to continue with several important areas of our work in the Congo Basin and Andean Amazon, including:

  • Community Forests (CFs) - the establishment, legal recognition and management of CFs, allowing local communities to create land-use plans to dictate how their forests are sustainably managed and protected.
  • Community Real-time Forest Monitoring (RTM); we provide the technology and training that allows forest communities to send real-time alerts via a smartphone app to report illegal activities in the forest, even in remote areas with no mobile connectivity.”

The Cumbria Wildlife Trust

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Q1 Ticket Tailor Donation:
£6,333 ($8,240 USD)


Cumbria Wildlife Trust is the only voluntary organisation devoted solely to the conservation of the wildlife and wild places of Cumbria. The Trust stands up for wildlife, creates wildlife havens, and seeks to raise environmental awareness.

What our donation means:

Ticket Tailor is supporting The CWTs peatland restoration project. Peatlands are among the most carbon-rich ecosystems on Earth. In a natural condition, peatlands have a net cooling effect on climate, reduce flood risk, and support biodiversity.

Also, since you’re here - check out this amazing livestream of Osprey nests which have been reintroduced by The CWT.

Other charity donations

Charity: Hackney Winter Night Shelter (HWNS)
Amount: £769 ($1,000 USD)
We recently raised money for HWNS as part of a promotion on LinkedIn by our founder, Jonny White. Instead of spending our marketing budget on Google or Facebook, we donated to HWNS for every share or like the Linkedin post received.

Charity: The DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal
Amount: £19,000 ($24,700 USD)
In response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, we doubled our 1p (1.3c) per ticket commitment and sent money to help relief efforts in the region.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our charity partners and hopefully a few of you can also become supporters. We’ll be back in July with an update on our Q2 giving. Until then, every ticket you sell will help raise money for these great causes.

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