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We’re doubling our climate donations this Earth Day

When you sell a ticket online with us, you’re helping to give back. 

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The Ticket Tailor team are committed to combating the climate crisis. As a fully independent platform, we have the privilege of deciding exactly how we want to spend the money we make and one thing we are passionate about is ensuring we use a proportion of that money to donate to good causes. 

As a team, we have collectively decided to channel those donations to charities that help to remove carbon emissions from the earth. To ensure we always prioritise giving to charity, we have committed to donating 1p (1.3c) for every ticket sold on the platform to climate causes. When you sell a ticket online with us, you’re helping to give back. 

This Earth Day we’ve decided to double our climate donations. We will be donating 2p (2.6c) for every ticket sold on Ticket Tailor this Earth Day (22nd April, 2022). 

What is Earth Day? 

Starting in 1970, Earth Day is an annual day of awareness to drive positive action for our planet. Growing into a global movement and a myriad of events, fundraising and campaigning for our planet, Earth Day is an internationally recognised day of climate action. Learn more about Earth Day.

Share the Earth Day love

Get your ticket buyers involved in protecting our climate. Use these social media handles to encourage them to buy a ticket on Earth Day: 

  • Fight carbon with tickets. Donate when you book [your event link].
  • Love the planet? Love [your events]? Great. Buy a ticket via Ticket Tailor to double your donations this Earth Day.
  • It's Earth Day. Get your tickets for [your event link] today and @TicketTailor will donate 2p (2.6c) for every ticket purchased.
  • Protect the Climate and have fun! Buy tickets for [your event link] this Earth day and part of your ticket purchase will reduce carbon. 

Let us know what you’re doing for Earth Day. Tweet your climate combating initiatives @tickettailor to get a share from us! 

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