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14 fun and easy ideas for Easter fundraising

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a group of decorated easter eggs

There’s no doubt spring sees an uplift in spirits. As the days brighten and the once far-off summer starts to feel tantalisingly close, a collective sigh of relief is almost audible. There’s no better time, then, to seize the feel-good vibes by turning them into a truly feel-good deed. 

Enter: the Easter fundraiser. AKA – fun, frolics, and fundraising set against a glorious springtime backdrop. Whether you’re a Church looking to celebrate the holiday while raising money for a good cause, or simply love the idea of getting the community together, you’ll love these super fun and easy Easter fundraiser ideas. 

Feeling inspired already? Get your event started with stress-free charity event ticketing.

a group of decorated easter eggs

Our top 14 fun and easy Easter fundraiser ideas

Here are our top 15 Easter fundraiser ideas, broken down by category:

  • Classic ideas
  • Craft & make ideas
  • Simple ideas

Classic Easter fundraiser ideas

1. High-stakes Easter egg hunt

May as well start with the ultimate Easter event. Never to be underestimated, the almighty Easter Egg Hunt promises frivolous fun, thrills and endless entertainment – whether you’re running it for kids, adults or both. Why not make the stakes even higher by organising a seriously sought-after prize – say, tickets to a concert, or even a travel voucher? 

You can charge more for tickets this way – all the better for your chosen charity. Just don’t forget to add some chocolate goods into the prize mix. It is Easter, after all.

How do you run a successful Easter Egg Hunt?

To run a successful Easter egg hunt, try to keep things simple, and bear a few principles in mind:

  • If there are lots of kids involved, assign a specific colour egg to each person – as this helps prevent one hawk-eyed hunter from snapping up all the treats too quickly.
  • Choose a nice nature spot with plenty of places to hide your eggs – a park or even a big garden would be perfect.
  • As well as your high-stakes prize, put on a range of smaller prizes so people feel they’ve got a chance of at least winning something.
  • Serve refreshments to keep participant’s spirits and energy levels up

2. Easter raffle

For a super low-key but profitable fundraiser, opt for a raffle with an Easter or spring theme. Prizes could include:

  • A luxurious Easter hamper, filled with chocolate goodies, fine foods and a bottle or two of good wine. 
  • A spring get-away – say, two nights in a hotel.
  • A florist subscription.
  • Luxury collection of Easter Eggs from a fine chocolatier.
  • Easter bunny teddies for the little’uns. 
  • Spring gardening kit including seeds and gardening tools.

3. Easter trail

Think of this like the Easter egg hunt’s more laid-back sister. Rather than seeing kids and/or adults hunt for treats with a vengeance, make it an altogether more civilised affair – with a leisurley hike through a scenic spot, stopping off for fun activities and treats along the way.

4. A picnic with the Easter Bunny

Kids love nothing more than to meet one of their favourite mythical characters. So why not set up your own Easter version of a Santa’s grotto? All you need is a great bunny costume (and a willing adult to play the role) – and a lovely spread of picnic-y treats for the little ones. You could even incorporate an Easter egg hunt to give the kids a fun afternoon of it!

cakes with white frosting and colorful eggs

Craft & make Easter fundraiser ideas

1. Easter food fair

Get the community in cooking mode with a beautiful Easter food fayre. From jams to Easter cakes, pastries and other baked goods, everyone can bring their own food for sale, with all profits going to go to your chosen charity. Easy as pie.

2. Easter bonnet competition

This ones for the crafters and creatives – those who feel most at home among pipe cleaners, pom-poms and PVA glue. 

Great for kids, an Easter bonnet decorating competition is a fun way to raise money while helping the mums and dads fill up the holidays. Nice.

3. Easter bake-off

Our minds are filled with all things sweet at this time of year – whether that’s delicious Easter-themed cakes or eggstravagant Easter eggs. 

Why not turn the sweetest time of year into a positive tool for change with an Easter bake-off fundraiser? Charge for entry, putting half of the proceeds towards a prize for the winner, and the other half towards your chosen charity.

4. Egg decorating competition

Another fun holiday task for the kids – get the hardboiled eggs and paintbrushes out for a super-simple egg decorating competition. Again, charge for entry, putting half of the proceeds towards a prize for the winner, and the other half towards your chosen charity.

5. Easter wreath workshop

Wreath making classes are all the rage at Christmas, so who’s to say we can’t relive the fun festivities at Easter? Think: pastel hues, beautiful blossoms and quintessential spring prettiness.

Not crafty by nature? No worries – you’ll easily be able to hire a professional to run the class. Just factor the cost into the price of your tickets. 

Simple Easter fundraiser ideas

1. Social media Easter hamper prize-draw

For an even lower-effort fundraiser (and one that’s not weather-dependent), opt for a social media competition. All you need to do is source some fine goods to create a beautiful Easter hamper, and set up a prize-draw on your social platform of choice. 

You could get people to comment on an Instagram post with their favourite Easter memory, while asking them to like and share the post too. Or you could get participants to tag the person they’d be most likely to share their Easter chocolate with.

Just be sure to set clear competition terms and conditions (a quick Internet search will throw up some useful templates for these). And make sure to use a third-party tool to select the winner at random. 

Psst – head here for more virtual fundraiser ideas.

2. Community spring-clean yard sale

‘Tis the season to spring clean, so why not get the community together with a collective clear-out yard sale? All you need is an open-air location (someone may even be kind enough to lend their own garden), some trestle tables and plenty of bargains. 

One person’s cleared-out household items are another person’s treasure, as the saying (sort of) goes!

3. Virtual Easter challenge

Whether you go for something sophisticated or something a little more slapstick, online challenges are a fantastic way to raise awareness and money (remember the ice bucket challenge for the ALS association?).

Rules go: anyone who wants to enter the challenge can – they just need to include a pre-defined hashtag and a link to the donation page in the social media posts. 

For something really simple but engaging, try: “Tell us 10 songs that transport you immediately to spring.” Alternatively, you could go for a ridiculous prank-type theme (spoonful of cinnamon anyone?) – just remember you’ll have to be up for doing it yourself!

4. Easter guessing competition

Guessing competitions are ingenious in their simplicity, and all too tempting to pass up for curious passers-by. Try filling a giant jar with mini chocolate eggs (guess the quantity) or getting a giant Easter bunny involved (guess the weight). 

5. Easter basket auction 

Auctions are an incredibly simple but effective way to raise money for charity. All you need to do is create some fabulous Easter baskets filled with sought-after prizes (or even simple goodies), and hand them over to the highest bidders. You could even run your auction online, to keep things even simpler. The idea is that people are willing to bid much more than the basket’s worth in order to raise money for charity. But if you’re worried about covering costs, you could also charge a small fee for people to participate, with all profits going to charity.

Your Easter fundraising – sorted

We hope these Easter fundraiser ideas are enough to get you feeling inspired. Whether you opt for a super simple online fundraiser or a fun kids’ day out in the great outdoors – it’s important to get the word out about your event, so be sure to check out our event marketing guides for lots of great tips.

Happy fundraising everyone – we’re sure you’ll raise an eggstraordinary amount for your good cause with these easy Easter fundraiser ideas.

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