Copy your broadcasts to share important announcements more easily

We’re always aiming to make the lives of event organisers easier, and our latest improvement should do just that!

Our broadcast feature is super handy for scheduling and sending announcements to your ticket buyers. 

Now you can copy previous broadcasts, and reuse them for new events and online ticket sales. 

Why would you want to copy your broadcast?

If you run a lot of events, you might rely on the broadcast tool to resend ticket vouchers a day before arrival so that tickets are at the top of your customers inboxes. 

You might send out detailed instructions about how to reach your venue, studio or attraction. 

Maybe you share a what 3 words location, or a direction video. 

If you run a lot of different events and workshops, you might have put a lot of work into branding your welcome email or online event link. 

With our update, you can use an old broadcast as a template when creating a new broadcast. 

You can send exactly the same email, or you can update your existing email in our simple editor. 

Send a broadcast 📧