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6 examples of festival websites that work brilliantly

Here are some quick tips for creating a killer festival website, with six brilliant examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

a poster with a sun and clouds

Your festival website has a pretty big job to do. It needs to convey practical information that’s super easy to digest, as a starter for ten. But it also needs to communicate a feeling – to give potential attendees’ a glimpse of what your festival’s all about. Most importantly of all, it needs to provide the perfect portal for you to sell tickets online – thick and fast, preferably! 

Don’t worry: this is all actually much easier than it sounds. The truth is, a festival website doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, or even designed by a professional.

You just need to be sure to stick to a few simple principles. And it doesn’t hurt to seek out a little inspiration first, too. On that note – here are some quick tips for creating a killer festival website, with six brilliant examples to get your creative juices flowing. 

Tips for creating your festival website

  • Make your date and time prominent: you’ll want to include this on your homepage, and dotted around other pages too so there’s no confusion.
  • Place Calls to Action (CTAs) strategically: make sure there are plenty of clear buttons for users to ‘Buy Tickets’ to make the journey from browsing-to-sale as seamless as possible.
  • Don’t overdo the wording on the homepage: image-rich websites work really well for festivals, so don’t over complicate the homepage with tons of wording. Keep things light, fun and informative. If you want to provide more background info for your festival, create a dedicated ‘About’ page for this.
  • Keep navigation simple: make it easy for visitors to your site to whizz around and quickly find the information they need – e.g. the line-up, travel information, and buying tickets. (There’s nothing to say you can’t have a simple one-page website, either.)
  • Clearly signpost important information: want to include information about food vendors? Disabled access? Festival house rules? Make sure everything’s really clearly signposted with headings so nothing gets lost in the ‘smallprint’. 
  • Use evocative imagery and/or video: if you’ve got photos or videos of people having a great time at one of your previous festivals – use them! Placing these around your site (or even creating a dedicated gallery page) will help communicate the amazing atmosphere of your events, and can even evoke feelings of FOMO/envy in potential attendees! 

Don’t have any photos yet? Why not enlist the help of a local artist to design some cool graphics for your site? We think Tora Bombora’s unique artwork is a great example of how effective this approach can be for a festival website.

Festival website ideas – 6 awesome examples

Here are six festival website examples that we think work brilliantly – click the images to take a look around each site👇.

Tora Bombora

a poster with a sun and clouds

What we love about this site:

  • Unique, eye-catching artwork gives an instant feel of the vibe of the festival.
  • The Tickets button sits prominently on the homepage and is pretty much the first thing visitors see. 
  • A side menu bar makes it super easy to jump to pages like Line-up, About and Getting There. 
  • The unique flyer design makes the website stand out from others, and feels really appropriate for a festival.
  • A dedicated gallery page displays lots of great, evocative images of previous festivals.

House & Classics

a screen shot of a music event

What we love about this site:

  • A permanently-playing video on the homepage gives an instant snapshot of the House & Classics festival in action.
  • Details of the festival’s date, location and headliners pop up over the video in bright, eye-catching typeface – making them hard to miss.
  • Scrolling down, individual events are listed clearly with flyer-style imagery, with prominent CTAs for each event.
  • Everything feels really big and bold  – from the logos to the merch shop – reflecting the personality of the festival. 

Madruga Fest

a poster of a music festival

What we love about this site:

  • A one-sentence summary sits front and centre on the homepage, capturing the essence of the festival brilliantly. 
  • Quirky typeface and artwork bring the homepage to life.
  • Simple navigation helps visitors quickly jump to important info – we love how the ‘Info’ page houses a whole host of important details without feeling cluttered or overwhelming, thanks to the use of drop-downs.
  • A bold and colourful line-up page feels fun and exciting. 

Doonhame Festival

a poster of a concert

What we love about this site:

  • Headliners sit front and centre on the homepage, instantly communicating what attendees are in store for.
  • A minimal number of pages keeps things ultra-simple and easy to navigate.
  • The background artwork and overall colour scheme reflect the countryside grounds of where the festival is held – with no need for professional photographs.
  • A large Buy Tickets button on the homepage directs visitors instantly to where they need to be.

Little Orchard Cider & Music Festival

What we love about this site:

  • One stunning background photo instantly transports visitors to the rolling countryside where the festival is held.
  • An embedded video on the homepage gives visitors the option to get a real feel for what the festival is all about (also – the soundtrack is awesome!).
  • The use of photography for the line-up section brings the website to life, giving it a slick, dynamic feel.
  • Cool graphics and ‘Sold Out’ / ‘Coming Soon’ stamps give the tickets section a life of its own.

Treehouse Festival

website page screen shot where a person with curly hair and a headband standing in front of a crowd of people

What we love about this site:

  • The use of high quality video and photography dominates the site, bringing it to life and creating an instant sense of FOMO.
  • Most of the text is saved for the About page – where paragraphs are broken up with brilliant imagery to keep things easy-to-digest.
  • A dark colour scheme gives the website impact, and helps evoke a premium, brooding, atmospheric feel.
  • The permanently-playing video used as the homepage backdrop instantly transports website visitors to the festival.

We hope these festival website examples have got you feeling inspired. Now to get building your own – let the creativity commence. 

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