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6 very cool things you can automate by integrating Ticket Tailor with Zapier

In this article, we look at five awesome ways event organisers can use Zapier to make their event planning second-to-none.

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For those yet to hear, Zapier is an online integration tool that lets you automate a whole host of normally time-consuming tasks. It works by sending communications between apps, making integration possible in just a few clicks – zero coding required. Say, for example, you wanted to make sure your customers got a calendar invite as soon as they purchased a ticket to your event: that can be fully automated by using Zapier to hook up the Ticket Tailor and Google Calendar apps. And that’s only scratching the surface of what’s possible. 

In this article, we look at five awesome ways event organisers can use Zapier to make their event planning second-to-none. But first, some Zapier basics:

How does Zapier work?

Zapier works by assigning ‘triggers’ that set off ‘actions’. This is the terminology Zapier uses to describe the two stages of an automated task being set up (these automated tasks are called ‘Zaps’).

A trigger could be someone purchasing a ticket to your event via Ticket Tailor. An action could be your event then being automatically listed in their calendar. When you create a ‘Zap’, you simply select a trigger (you’ll have created your own triggers beforehand), and then an action. The rest will be up to Zapier to take care of. 

You can sign up to Zapier for a monthly fee starting from $19.99 a month. From there, it’s super-easy to get started, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without ‘Zapping’ your way through your professional life.

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Sync your lighting with your ticket sales – yes, really

Getting a ticket sale is a great feeling for any event organiser, which makes this futuristic integration all the more cool. It works by hooking up Philips Hue smart lights with Ticket Tailor so that every time you make a ticket sale the lights switch on and off. 

We love the idea of hooking this up with some multi-coloured Philips Hue strip lights around your office or venue – seeing them blink in harmony with those treasured ticket sales is worth it for the novelty factor alone. And what a way to hype your team and keep momentum going!

Time-saving? Possibly not. Totally, irresistibly cool? Yep.

Automatically send merch to ticket buyers or attendees

Everybody loves a bit of band merch. Or a free tote, T-shirt, or snapback hat.

By using Zapier to integrate Printful with Ticket Tailor, you can make it so that customers get sent a free branded gift automatically when they buy a ticket. You’ll just need to make sure you ask for their postal address at the point of purchase.

Printful is a one-stop-shop for customisable goods, so it’s really up to you what you decide to adorn with your logo or design and send. Long gone are the days of giving out free stuff at the doors of your event – this is the future of merch, and it’s slicker than we ever could have imagined. 

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Send a fun GIF to customers when they buy a ticket

Inject a serious dose of personality into your brand the minute you make a ticket sale by sending a fun GIF to buyers. Nothing quite says ‘you can relate to us’ like a hilarious or cute moving image – all hail the mighty GIF – and now it’s possible to text one to each and every one of your customers without lifting a finger. 

All you need to do is integrate the Twilio app with Ticket Tailor, choose ‘New Ticket Order’ as your trigger and ‘Send SMS’ as your action. You’ll then be able to customise the text however you see fit (ok, so you don’t have to send a GIF, but why wouldn’t you?).

Just be sure to request customers’ phone numbers at the point of sale, and make sure you’re abiding by your local data laws. Following that, all you have to do is sit back and watch the hilarity go flying out all by itself. 

Pop your event straight into customers’ calendars when they buy a ticket

Solidifying your event in attendees’ calendars is a great way to give things an official-feeling vibe, and to make sure they don’t get their dates mixed up or miss out. To do this, you just need to connect Ticket Tailor with the Google Calendar app and create a Zap that pops your event into customers’ calendars when they purchase their ticket. 

You can choose to do a short or detailed description – we’d recommend going for a detailed one as it creates another opportunity to big-up your event and create a meaningful connection with your attendees.

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Send a celebratory Slack message to your team with every ticket sale

We love that you can use Zapier to integrate Ticket Tailor with Slack, which enables you to send automated messages to specific channels every time you make a sale. 

What better way to boost morale and keep everyone in the loop than by dropping a celebratory note into your team’s Slack channel when ticket purchases happen? Besides from keeping things organised (and saving you a not insignificant amount of time), this is a great way to keep energies up, and the positive vibes flowing. 

Send a quirky ‘thank you’ postcard to ticket buyers or attendees

Once someone’s bought a ticket to your event, or attended it, why not send them a ‘thank you’ note in the form of a quirky, personalised postcard? 

We think this is a really nice personal touch and a great way to build a rapport with event attendees. To do so, you’ll just need to create a Zap that hooks the app up with Ticket Tailor. For your trigger, choose either ‘New Ticket Order’ or ‘New Attendee’, depending on whether you want the postcard to be sent out when a ticket is bought, or after someone’s attended your event. 

Zapier’s one of those innovative tools that feels really simple in concept, but which is so impactful for a number of reasons. We love it for its time-saving capabilities, organisational wizardry and, above all else, its ability to inject the kind of thoughtful details into events that really do make a lasting impression. Three, two one…. Zap!

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