9 game-changing tools every event planner should be using


Event planning requires meticulous attention to detail and heroic organisational skills – but you already knew that.

The good news is, there’s a constantly evolving plethora of tools out there that can make your job so much easier as an event planner. That goes for everyone from the global conference strategian to the committed fundraiser host. 

At Ticket Tailor, we’re always scouting for the best tech and tools to make event planning slicker, less stressful, and ultimately more successful. Below is a list of our current favourites.

  1. ToneDen – for growing your event brand online

    ToneDen is a platform designed to equip you with all the tools you need to boost brand awareness and gain fans and followers across pretty much every major digital marketing outlet.

    It has a really innovative feel about it, with a truly robust offering. Create beautiful ad campaigns for a fraction of the usual time, connect with new leads through personalised messaging on Facebook messenger, jumpstart your following on TikTok, YouTube and Spotify, maximise ticket sales… the list goes on. We love it, and we think you will too.

    Pricing: ToneDen has a free package for those just getting started, then packages starting at $50/month going through to bespoke ‘elite’ package offerings. 

    Check out ToneDen >

  2. Planning Pod – for event budgeting

    ‘Running events shouldn’t run you ragged…’ declares Planning Pod’s website, and we like the sound of that. These guys provide a central place for event project management, which includes an impressive event budgeting feature. The tool lets you track unlimited expenses and payments, add revenue and view projections, and collaborate easily with staff and clients. Plus, every Planning Pod account comes with pre-built event budgeting templates, tailored to a number of event types like conferences, seminars, fundraisers and parties. 

    Pricing: Plans start from $19/month and go up to bespoke enterprise packages.

    Check out Planning Pod >

  3. Glisser – for measuring event ROI

    Glisser is one of the new kids on the event-planning block and has a swanky, future-focused offering to show for it. The platform is geared towards virtual and hybrid events, but in a way that lets hosts truly maximise their ROI. It does this with its own integrated audience response system, which monitors audience interaction then distills this down into an easy-to-grasp metric that lets you know how successful your event was. You can host virtual and hybrid events on Glisser, and use it in conjunction with most major live streaming services too.

    Pricing: Glisser’s pricing is bespoke, so you’ll need to give them a call to find out more.

    Check out Glisser >

  4. Ticket Tailor – for seamless ticket registration 

    At Ticket Tailor, we offer a user-friendly event registration and ticketing solution and are currently ranked as the number one ticketing system on GetApp. List your event in just a few minutes, then use the event registration page we provide or embed your ticket sale page into your own website. Because we’re independent, we’re able to offer our great product for a fraction of the price of other major ticketing platforms. And we have a whole host of intelligent features to help you with your event marketing and analytics. 

    Pricing: Pay nothing for free events, and a simple flat fee starting at 65c/50p per ticket for paid-for events.

    PS. When you use Ticket Tailor, you get paid for each ticket sale as and when they happen, unlike with lots of other platforms that wait until after your event to pay you.  

    Check out Ticket Tailor >

  5. Freedom – for productivity 

    With so many moving parts to consider, staying focused is key to successful event planning. But we’re all human, and occasional procrastination is inevitable. That’s the problem Freedom aims to solve (and does so quite successfully in our opinion). This browser extension limits the amount of time you can spend on certain websites.

    So whether it’s online shopping, Insta-scrolling or news-hopping that’s your procrastination kryptonite, you can make sure “just a quick look” means exactly that.

    Pricing: You can use Freedom for free or get a premium plan to access features like ‘coffee shop sounds for focus’, and advanced scheduling – plans start at $2.42/month.

    Check out Freedom >

  6. Trello – for event project management 

    Trello’s been around for a while now and we still think it’s one of the best project management tools for event planners out there. It offers an incredibly user-friendly way to create and assign tasks, make lists and prioritise projects. Plus it provides a place for team members to interact, share documents, and to generally keep the project planning process running smoothly.

    Pricing: Trello has a free basic option, and paid-for plans start from $9.99/month going up to $17.50/month for its enterprise plan.

    Check out Trello >

  7. Slack – for communication with your team

    Slack is fast becoming one of the most recognisable chat platforms on the project management landscape, and with good reason. With a really robust set of useful features, and an overall less corporate feel than the Microsoft Teams of the world, it’s a personal favourite here at Ticket Tailor. Like a pimped-up WhatsApp for work, Slack let’s you create groups, reply in threads, make calls, share files and so much more. 

    Pricing: Small teams can use for Slack free, and small and medium businesses can use it from $5.25/month. Enterprise pricing is also available. 

    Check out Slack >

  8. Zapier – for cutting down event-planning admin

    Zapier is an innovative efficiency tool that lets you automate a ton of tedious admin tasks, saving you a potentially huge amount of time that can be spent on more fruitful planning activities. It works by hooking up different apps and automating tasks like emailing contact lists, sharing content on social media, notifying your team about new leads, dropping invites into customer’s calendars – and so much more.

    You can actually use Zapier alongside Ticket Tailor to automate tasks like sending out calendar invites to everyone who buys a ticket, and even sending out merch to attendees. 

    Pricing: There’s a free basic version of Zapier, then paid-for plans start at $19.99/month going up to a $599/month enterprise package.

    Check out Zapier> 

  9. Slido – for event audience engagement 

    Slido is a really user-friendly Q&A and live-polling platform that can be used for both in-person and virtual events. It works by letting people submit questions they’d like to be asked during an event, with a feature that lets other attendees vote on which questions they want to hear answered the most.

    Slido’s live-polling and quiz features also provide a great way to gauge audience engagement for both your overall event and specific parts of it. When it comes to honing and improving your event’s offering, measurement is the key to success – so we think this one’s essential for long-term event strategies. 

    Pricing: Slido has a free basic plan, then paid-for plans start from £8/month going up to £150/month for its enterprise package. 

    Check out Slido > 

And there you have it  – ten great tools to make event planning less stressful, more streamlined and, most importantly, more conducive to success. Enjoy!